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There are 11 systems in human body or 9 systems: Kinematic system include Skeletal system and Muscular system, Vessel system include Cardiovascular system and Lymphatic system, as follows:


Kinematic system Kinematic scheme outline Bone and bone connection outline Spinal column
Chest gallery The skull and its links upper limbs and its link
lower limbs and its link skeletal muscle Torso muscle
Upper limb muscle Lower limb muscle
Digestive system Digestive system outline Oral cavity Swallows, the esophagus, the stomach
Small intestine, large intestine Liver, gallbladder, pancreas Peritoneum
Respiratory system Respiratory tract Lung Pleural membrane and mediastinum
Uninary system Kidney Ureter, urinary bladder, urethra
Reproductive system Female reproductive system ovaryoviductwomb Breast, perineum
Male reproductive system Penis testicle
Vessel system Cardiovascular outline, heart Aorta, neck artery Four limbs artery
Chest, abdomen, trough artery Body circulation vein Lymphatic system
Sense organ Eye Ear
Nervous system Nervous system outline Spinal cord Brain stem
Cerebellum, fourth brain secondary brain, third brain End brain
Brain spinal cord button Brain spinal cord artery Brain spinal cord liqick circulation
Spinal nerve Cranial nerve Splanchnic nerve
Feeling conduction track Movement conduction track
Endocrine system
Integumentary system

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