The penis is the man' make-love organ. The penis body is composed by the penis sponge body and the urethra wadding body, has the rich blood vessel, the nerve, 淋巴� Penis coronal ditch place innervation richest, the sensitivity is highest. The penis coronal ditch once accepted the nature to stimulate can through primary 勃起中枢 form the integrity the nerve reflex arc, caused the penis at will not or erects at will, moreover could continue the quite long time, completed the sexual intercourse activity.
Ancient times the person the male penis took "god" the symbol, thought the penis is the race multiplys the most important organ. The modern people regard as the penis male "male character" the symbol.
Human's penis and the stature height, degree of stoutness, the five senses size and so on equally have the multitudinous difference, the length not one, thick is thin is uneven. The domestic history 成礼 once determined 1,412 examples China healthy masculine youth's penis size and 126 examples healthy masculine penis erection length. The result indicated, when habit the most length is 14.5 centimeters, shortest 4 centimeters, average 8.375 centimeters; Perimeter greatest 12 centimeters, smallest 4.5 centimeters, average 8.3 centimeters. When erection most length 16 centimeters, shortest 9 centimeters, average 12 centimeters; When erection perimeter greatest 14 centimeters, smallest 8 centimeters, average 10.75 centimeters. Investigation the and so on Liu Guozhen 1,000 examples normal grown-up man's penis length is: Under the habit the length scope is 4.9 - 8.6 centimeters, the average 6.55 centimeters, most length 10.6 centimeters, shortest 3.7 centimeters. Wu Weicheng and so on carries on the survey to 2,547 examples 16 - 40 year old of male university student penis, its length mean value is 7.43 centimeters, the week diameter equally is 8.17 centimeters; The penis pulls the long average 13.34 centimeters, with erection length 13.08 centimeter similar which calculates, after therefore the consideration pulls long may represent the erection the length. Obviously the different author's measurement result also has the certain difference, its result also receives influence and so on area, nationality. In addition, the identical person's penis length is inconstant under the habit, like anxious, cold or serious is weary when all may cause the penis contraction.

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