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First chapter  introduction

First, human body composition

(1) cell 

The cell is composes the human body the most basic structure and the function unit.

(2) organization 

The organization is similar, the function close cell by the shape borrows the intercellular substance to unify in constitutes together.

(3) organ 

Several kind of different organization mutually tie the synthesis to have the certain shape, to complete the certain function the organ.

(4) system 

Function correlation organ according to order continually in together component system. The human body has nine big systems: The movement is, the digestion is, the breath is, the uropoiesis is, the reproduction is, the vessel is, the organ of sensation, the nervous system, the endocrine department.

Human body nine big systems

Movement digestion and breath    uropoiesis reproduction vessel department

The sensory nerve internal secretion    nine big systems must keep firmly in mind


Second, commonly used dissection terminology

(1) anatomy posture

Anatomy posture calls the standard posture, namely: The body stands erect, two horizontally view, the upper limb sagging, the lower limb gathers, palm of the hand full point to front.


Anatomy posture

The standard posture likely stands at attention    the body to stand erect two unevenness

Palm full point all to front    upper limb sagging lower limb and

(2) axis and the surface  are an imagination.

1. axes

Including arrow shape axis, coronal axis, vertical axis.


Including arrow shape surface, coronal surface, horizontal plane.