Male reproductive organ

Testicle: The main function is produces the spermatozoon and the secretion masculine hormone (?alkone). Former with the ova union but the fertilization, reproduces descendant's important material base, latter is maintains the male second 性征 (vice- 性征) the important matter.

附睾: The main function is promotes the spermatozoon growth and is mature, as well as stores with the transportation spermatozoon. Spermatozoon from testicle 曲细精管production, but lacks the energy, does not have the birth ability, but also needs to continue to grow down to is mature, this stage mainly in 附睾 in carries on. 附睾 secretes one kind of direct nurture spermatozoon mature liquid, is called 附睾 the fluid, its liquid potassium high, the glycerophosphoric acid gallbladder salinity, the sugar glucoside enzyme density high, the sour alkalinity low, the osmotic pressure high, the oxygen few, the carbon dioxide is high.

Vas deferens: Has very strongly wriggles the ability, is because the pipe wall muscle is very thick, the main function is the transportation and the excretion spermatozoon. When 射精, the sympathetic nerve ?release massive kind of adrenalins matter, has not caused the vas deferens to have mutually coordinated and the powerful contraction, rapidly loses the spermatozoon toward fine ?排泄? 射精管and the urethra in.

精囊: The main function secretes one kind of mucilage, also does not produce the spermatozoon, also does not store the spermatozoon. 精囊 the secretion as soon as contains mucilage, phosphoric acid gallbladder salt, globulin, citric acid and glucoside sugar and so on alkalinity the glue water, mainly is the lemon rafter acid (125mg/100ml) and the glucoside sugar (315mg/100ml), they are the seminal fluid main constituent (approximately compose 50% ~ 80%), 射精 when discharges afterwards in the prostate gland fluid, the glucoside sugar after 射精 provided fine active the primary energy.

Fine rope: The main function is the testicle and 附睾 the suspension in the scrotum, protects the testicle and 附睾 does not receive damages, simultaneously contracts along with the temperature change or relaxes, causes the testicle to adapt the external environment, the optimum condition which the maintenance spermatozoon produces enable the testicle to have moves not at will (raises myo- ?.

射精? The main function is 射精, 射精 the pipe wall muscle richer, has the powerful shrinkage force, helps the seminal fluid to project, simultaneously when the fine tube is located urethra steep position active on the aperture, both small and is narrow. Guaranteed 射精 the time should have the pressure, on the other hand the seminal fluid through the narrow and small aperture, some one kind of "squeezes out the" feeling as if, through the nerve reflection, initiates 射精 the joyful pleasant sensation, thus achieving high tide time.

Penis: The main function is urinates, a row of seminal fluid and carries on the sexual intercourse, is the sex act main organ, the penis skin is extremely thin, under the skin does not have the fat, has the activity and extends the nature, the penis sponge body ??may attach into the blood, when asexual impulse, penis soft, stimulates when the nature the penis sponge body ??in the blood increases, the penis expands, increases thickly changes hardly erects, when flows in blood and backflow blood isochronism, then the penis continues to erect; The penis forehead nerve is not slightly rich, sex appeal greatly strengthened, reaches high tide when the sexual intercourse, highly excited stimulates as a result of 射精 the main center 射精. Stimulates under the nature, the penis cannot erect or erection degree of hardness insufficient, then is unable to carry on the sexual intercourse activity, is called "sexual impotence", the penis erection exceptionally or the penis abnormal may cause the sexual intercourse to be difficult.


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