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Testicle structure drawing

The testicle internal structure, its outside by a tenacious organization package, is called 白膜, has protects the testicle the function. 白膜 the accumulation and extends to inside, separates the testicle many cabs, these slightly separate is called the mediastinum testis, the cab is called the testicle small leaf. The normal man generally had 200 ~ 300 small leaves, inside the small leaf has filled the testicle essence, produces spermatozoon's place, was called 曲细精管. If cuts the testicle essence takes a scrap to set under the microscope observes, may see 曲细精管is a strip thin pipe.

The adult, each 曲细精管diameter is 150 ~ 250 microns, each strip length is 30 ~ 70 centimeters, is longest may amount to 150 centimeters. In a testicle approximately has 300 ~ 1,000 曲细精管, its total length is 200 ~ 300 meters, obviously, the testicle produces spermatozoon's base is quite big. In each testicle small leaf 曲细精管the merge is 2 ~ 3 straight 曲细精管, composes the testicle net, from this merges 15 ~ 20 testicles outputs acorn tube with 附睾 to be interlinked again, the spermatozoon enters 附睾 the growth from this the channel to be mature. 曲细精管produces spermatozoon's base. The such tiny pipe unexpectedly has this kind of mysterious ability, why? Really is difficult Xie Qiyi. Inside this has the quite complex cytobiology and the biochemistry and so on the subtle change. Until now, the scientist still searched the as desired reason in the pains. Although so, at present already realized the spermatozoon has produced unit process.

曲细精管also the name lives the fine acorn tube, its inside lining for lives the fine epidermis, its outer layer is the basis membrane, inside is composed by two kind of structures and the function different cell. One kind is at each kind of different developmental stage the fresh sperm cell, gradually grows by it becomes the spermatozoon. Another kind supports the cell; Because the fresh sperm cell is attaching to its above, it played the support, has protected the fresh sperm cell the role, and it also absorbed in vivo supply reaching this point place nutrients (including oxygen), supplied the fresh sperm cell, caused it to grow the spermatozoon, therefore acquired fame for the support cell. Is located 曲细精管the between organization to assume the loose shape, is called the nature, inside has the rich blood vessel, 淋巴? The nature is supplies the human body in nutrients 曲细精管place 必经之地. In addition, inside also has one kind to have the secretion androgen function the cell, is called the intersititial cell. This kind of cell although small, but the function is astonishing, it secretes male hormone distributes the whole body, the maintenance male 性征 and the male function, simultaneously has urges the fresh sperm cell to grow the spermatozoon and urges the human body the synthesis metabolism vital role.

The spermatozoon produces after the testicle, in 附睾 in grows, is mature, and storage in 附睾 and vas deferens near 附睾 section. The spermatozoon produces in the testicle generally needs 74 day, in 附睾 in the mature time is 16 days, amounts to approximately needs for 3 month-long the time. Spermatozoon the time which survives in reproduction generally is 28 days, has stored the long time then senilly loses the vigor. Man approximately when 14 years old the testicle starts to produce the spermatozoon, 16 ~ 17 years old achieved when the nature is mature, can appear the wet dream phenomenon; After 40 years old, lives the fine ability gradually to weaken.

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