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`int ` 数学手册 dx = `sum ` MathHandbook.com

The first chapter
algebra, triangle formula and elementary function
§1 algebraic formula
§2 elementary function and numerical calculus

The second chapter
elementary geometry graph computation and mapping
§1 triangle and quadrangle
§2 circle and regular polygon
§3 practical geometry mapping
§4 solid figure volume, surface area, side area

The third chapter
algebraic equation
§1 two, three, quartic equation root expression
§2 algebraic equation nature
§3 algebraic equation special solution
§4 real roots approximate calculation

The fourth chapter
matrix · determinant · system of linear equations
§1 matrix and determinant
§2 matrix operation
§3 system of linear equations

The fifth chapter
differential calculus
§1 sequence and function limit
§2 progression restraining and operation
§3 differential
Fourth, implicit function
Tenth, differential application

The sixth chapter
integral calculus
§1 single variable function integral
Fourth, the definite integral asks the law
§2 multiple integrals, curvilinear integral and surface integral
§3 integral application
§4 region function

The seventh chapter
analytic geometry and differential geometry
§ 1 coordinate system and coordinate transformation
§2 in analytic geometry basic computation
§3 in plane straight line
§4 in spatial straight line and plane
§5 conic section
§6 quadratic surface
§7 plane curve
§8 important plane curve table

Chapter 12
Special Functions
1. Gamma(x) function `Gamma(x)`
Incomplete Gamma function `Gamma(n,x)`
2. Beta function B(x)
5. Error function erf(x)
6. Si(x) and Ci(x) function (sine and cosine integral)
7. Exponential integral Ei(x) function
8. logarithmic integral Li(x) function

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Mathematics software

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