§5   Fast Fourier Transform


1.         Finite discrete Fourier transform


[ Various Forms of Finite Discrete Fourier Transform ]


real (or complex) sequence

f ( kh )

Finite discrete Fourier transform and its inversion formula


( N is a positive integer)

( N is a positive integer)

( k , N is an integer)


    [ Convolution and its properties ]   Let the real (or complex) sequence g ( kh ) be a sequence with period Nh , which is called


is the convolution of the sequences f and g . Let






Second, the     fast Fourier transform algorithm


    The Fast Fourier Transform ( FFT ) algorithm is a fast method for computing finite discrete Fourier transforms .

    [ FFT algorithm of complex sequence ] To calculate the finite discrete Fourier transform of the complex sequence { z k } , is to calculate the form 


The finite term sum of . For the inversion formula, the calculation method is similar .

    Let N = 2 m , ,   then


set again                 


are the binary representations of k and j , respectively , and take the value 0 or 1. Then


because =   





This leads to the recursive formula:








Finally there is


[ FFT Algorithm for Real Sequences ] Finite Discrete Fourier Cosine Transforms and Sine Transforms to be Calculated for Real Sequences with 2 N ( N = 2 m ) Elements  



The FFT algorithm can be used first for complex sequences

                  z k =x k +iy k         



And c j , s j use the following formula to find


As for c j , the value of s j is when



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