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    Is located southwest our country upstream Yangtze River, with provinces and cities and so on Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi is neighboring. Is situated at the east longitude 97°21 ' - 110°12 ', north latitude 26°03 ' - 34°19 '.

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    This province has the basin, the plain, the knoll, the mountainous region, the plateau complex and so on, the terrain is diverse, west topography Gao Dongdi. Approximately take Longmen Mountain, the Daliang as, west is the western Sichuan plateau, the Mount Daxueshan, Mt. Jiajinshan, Mt. Emei, hill Mt. Laishan and so on stands tall and erect extends, assumes the north and south distribution. Eastern part is the sichuan pendi, its interior has the Chengdu plain. The main rivers are Yangtze River and its branch Yalong Jiang, the Minjiang River, the Tochiang River, Jialing River and so on.

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    Climate complex, east subordinate subtropics moist monsoon climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, does 湿季 is obvious, multi- fog; West for the temperate zone, the subtropics plateau climate, the long winter does not have the summer, does coldly. Annual mean temperature -1 ℃ - 19 ℃, annual mean precipitation 750 - 1,500 millimeters.

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    The Sichuan total population 86.73 million, including the Chinese, Yi, Tibet, Tuchia nationality, the seedling, Qiang, returns to, Naxi and so on many nationalities. In 2002 population birth rate 10.44 ‰, mortality rate 6.55 ‰, natural rate of growth 3.89 ‰. Cuts off 底本 the province employment personnel reaches 44.09 million people to 2002.

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    The entire province area 480,000 square kilometers, govern 3 autonomous prefectures, 18 places levels cities, 42 municipal districts, 14 county level cities, 121 counties, 3 autonomous counties,altogether has 1,937 towns, 3,110 townships (108 ethnic townships), 234 subdistrict offices,the provincial capital is Chengdu.

Sichuan politics area chart

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   Sichuan of,the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time is place of Pakistan, the Suchuan. County and so on Qin Zhiba, Suchuan, the Chinese is the profit state, south east Tang Shujian and Shannan, west and so on the road. Song Zhiyi, the advantage, the Chinese catalpa, 夔 four places, always called Sichuan the road,is called Sichuan. When three countries for Suchuan country place, also is called Suchuan.Yuan Shizhi Sichuan 行省, when Qing Dynasty is Sichuan.

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    The Sichuan Chengdu even element has "name of the land of abundance", the land fertilely, the product is rich, the grain crops mainly are the paddy rice, next has the wheat, the corn, the yam and the legumes, moreover also has the rape, the silkworm cocoon, the tea, the sugar cane, the tung oil, the leaf tobacco and so on. In 2002 grain ultimate output 31.32 million tons, fuel oils output 2.02 million tons. The Sichuan industry is developed, climbs the steel large-scale metallurgy nation to be well-known, the Deyang heavy duty machinery manufacture for the hydro energy, the nuclear power, the heat energy generator provides the large-scale equipment, moreover also has the electron, the chemical industry, the silk, brews alcohol and so on the industry sector.In 2002 the GDP 487.5 billion Yuan, grew 10.6% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 5,766 Yuan/people.The primary industry total output value 102.8 billion Yuan,the second industry total output value 198.2 billion Yuan, industry 155.2 billion Yuan, the power rate 69.6 billion kilowatt-hours, the agriculture uses the chemical fertilizer 3.28 million tons. Fixed asset investment 140.8 billion Yuan.


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    The transportation has been extremely convenient, the railroad has, Cheng Yu, Cheng Kun Paochi to Chengtu, in the elder brother, assists changes, the Sichuan Guizhou Province and so on the main railroad skeleton line. The road general course is long, take Chengdu as the center, take Cheng Yu, Cheng Mian, Cheng Le, Cheng Ya, in the suitable highway as the skeleton, with province inside and outside highway connection network. Yangtze River is the inland river shipping total skeleton line, Jialing River, the Minjiang River and many other rivers also may be open to navigation. The aviation take Chengdu as the center, Xichang, Ipin, Luzhou, Nanchong, reaches the state all to have the civilian airliner take off and landing, passable toward places such as national nearly more than 70 cities as well as Singapore.

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    The Sichuan traveling resources is rich, is our country traveling big province, Chengdu, Zigong, Ipin, 阆 center, Leshan, Dujiang weirs, Luzhou and so on for the nation historical city, the "Omei world Xiu" Mt. Emei, the Huanglong temple - nine ditches strongholds, the Qingcheng - Dujiang weirs wind, 剑眉 the Suchuan road, the Gongga, the Suchuan moso bamboo sea, west the range snowy mountain, four sides the mountain, four girls mountains and so on is the national key scenery scenic spot area, lies Buddhist temple, Tang Jiahe is the nation key nature protection area, Moreover also has Zhu De former dwelling, the too white native place, Chengdu's 武侯祠, the Wangchiang building, 昭觉 scenic spot and so on temple traveling all is attracting the massive tourists.Within the boundaries of 2002 goes to travel the population 670,000 people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is 200 million US dollars.
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