Shanxi Province

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    Shanxi because of is situated at west of Mount Taihang to acquire fame, is called the Jin. Is located west of the Huabei Pingyuan, east take Mount Taihang as and Hebei Province neighboring, west, south and Shaanxi, Henan two provinces separate Yellow River to face one another, north the Great Wall and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is connected. Is situated at the east longitude 110°15 ' - 114°32 ', north latitude 34°35 ' - 40°45 '.

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    North the topography Gao Nadi, the terrain north and south are long, its west is the plateau mountainous region, middle is the basin, eastern part is the mountainous region. Shanxi is situated at the loess plateau the eastern part, the loess deeply, the range valley interlocks, the elevation are many above 1000. The western plateau take the Luliang as a backbone; Middle is the Jinzhong basin, including Xinzhou basin, Datong basin, Yuncheng basin, Linfen basin, Taiyuan basin and so on; Eastern part by Mount Taihang primarily, including sierra and so on Mt. Hengshan, Wutai Mountain, Zhongtiao, Taiyue Mountains, criss-crossed network, palatial magnificent sight. The rivers belong Yellow River, the Haihe river two big river systems, west, south is the Yellow River river system, Fenhe River is this province first river, Yellow River for the second big branch, has Sushui River, three Sichuan river, Xinshui River in addition and so on; East, north is the Haihe river river system, mainly has Sang Ganhe, Qingzhang River, 浊 the Zhanghe River and so on.

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    Shanxi Province is the temperate zone - warm temperate zone, half moist - half arid continental monsoon climate, the winter is cold, the summer does not have the intense summer heat. The annual mean temperature 3 ℃ - 14 ℃, the year precipitation concentrates in 7 - in September, generally is 400 - 700 millimeters.

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    The Shanxi Province total population 32.94 million, the main nationality is the Han Nationality, the national minority mainly has the Hui tribe, the Mongolian nationality, the Manchu nationality and so on for this province main nationality. In 2002 the population birth rate is 12.86 ‰, the mortality rate 6.14 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 6.72 ‰. Until locally gets employed the person to 2002 year's end to amount to 14170000.

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    The Shanxi Province area more than 150,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 1 local, 10 places levels city, 22 municipal districts, 12 county level cities, 85 counties, altogether includes 564 towns, 634 townships, 186 subdistrict offices, provincial capital Taiyuan.

Shanxi Province politics area chart

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    Shanxi is one of our country civilized birthplaces. As early as on had the humanity in the neolites time in this activity, belongs to the neolites time the Yangshao culture ruins and the Longshan culture ruins proliferates the entire province. Xia Chao is our country first slavery country, at that time constructed west the Jin, Henan area. The Spring and Autumn Period time Jin country, Warring States time Han, Zhao, Weis Du within the boundaries of this, the earth has left behind the rich historical heritage and the cultural relic for Shanxi. Qin sets at Taiyuan, the east of the river, the wild goose gate, cloud medium county. The Chinese is Bingzhou, Tang Weihe the host, Song Weihe the east road, distantly is Xijing to say, the Yuan is 中书省, clearly sets at Shanxi cloth politics commissioner, is clear is Shanxi Province.

    In historical Shanxi once has erupted many times the peasant uprising. For example: The Eastern Han Dynasty last years flare angle leadership Huang Jin revolts, leadership and so on Sui Mozhen Zhai Er revolt, Ming Mojiao mountain agriculture militia force revolt and so on. In 1920 the winter, has organized the Shanxi first socialism youth league. In 1922 Taiyuan established the Chinese Communist Party branch. Sino-Japanese War period, take Wutai Mountain, Mount Taihang, the Luliang as the backing, established 晋察冀, the Jin observed Lu Yu as well as the Shanxi-Suiyuan area three Great Revolution base. The Shanxi people for captured the Sino-Japanese War the victory to make the tremendous contribution.

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    The agriculture plants the wheat, the corn, the millet, the cotton, the legumes, the flue-cured tobacco, the flax and so on primarily, moreover also has the silkworm raising business, the mountainous area many kinds of fruits. The industrial crop mainly has the cotton, the peanut, the soybean, the tobacco and so on. In 2002 this province Shanxi primary industry GDP 19.5 billion Yuan, the grain yield 9.26 million tons, the fruit output is 2.21 million tons. Industry by coal, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, chemical industry primarily. Completes the second industry GDP 105.1 billion Yuan, industry 88.9 billion Yuan, architecture industry 16.2 billion Yuan. Within the boundaries mineral resource rich, type many, distribution widespread, coal resources by the reserves big, the variety entire, the quality superior, is easy to mine but is world-famous. The metalliferous ore has the iron, the copper, the aluminum, the gold, the manganese many kinds of and so on 30; Nonmetallic has the limestone, the gypsum, the mica, the dolomite and so on. Reserves and so on coal, hard alumina, bauxite, pearlite occupies the nation first.

    In 2002 the entire province completes the GDP 200.2 billion Yuan, grew 10.8% compared to the last year, in which realizes the tertiary industry GDP 75.6 billion Yuan, stored in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 23 billion Yuan including the transportation, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 19.5 billion Yuan. In 2002 realizes the per capital GDP 6,098 Yuan. Completes the fixed asset investment 67.6 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 37.4 billion Yuan. Realization financial revenue 15.1 billion Yuan, expenditure 33.4 billion Yuan. In 2002 the local cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 6,234 Yuan, actual disbursement 6,407 Yuan.


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    Transportation quite convenient, mainly by the railway communication primarily, the main track line has with 蒲, Beijing originally, too is burnt, too the mist, the stone too, Qin Empire and so on, constituted the railroad communications network with this province multi- strip branch. The road was open to traffic the course increase powerfully to assist the railway transportation. The aviation take Taiyuan as a center, may fly to the national more than 20 cities. Within the boundaries Yellow River route more than 170 kilometers.

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    The ancient culture, the exquisite natural environment have laid the foundation for the Shanxi tourism. The entire province has 9,000 temples, hut view, the pavilion, the bridge, the mausoleum, the official mansion, the ancient tower and so on proliferates. The temple mural is only inferior to the Dunhuang Mogao Caves. To is bright 3,000 miles from the Warring States which, the clear all previous dynasties construction Great Wall vestige may distinguish, the wild goose gate pass, the wife closes, the Ningwu pass, the courtyard closes and so on to be majestically located the too good fort. Within the boundaries of Shanxi mountain range fluctuation, criss-crossed network, tall and straight beautiful, palatial magnificent sight, Wutai Mountain is our country one of four Buddhism Mingshan, natural scenery beautiful, the temple is multitudinous, is attracting the Chinese and foreign tourists. In 2002 domestic goes to travel 248,000 people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 070 million US dollars.
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