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    Jilin Province is called lucky, is located middle northeast, east borders on with Russia, the southeast separates the chart gate river, the Yalu River and North Korea separates the river to face one another, south continually Liaoning Province, west meets the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, north neighbour Heilongjiang Province. Is situated at the east longitude 122°38 ' - 131°17 ', north latitude 40°52 ' - 46°18 ' between.

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    Southeast topography high, northwest is low, to northwest decreases progressively by the southeast, eastern part is the Changbaishang mountain place, west is Songliao Plain. The Changbaishang mountain prominent peak white clouds peak, the elevation 2,691 meters, are this province high points. Within the boundaries rivers multitudinous, east of cloth Changbaishang mountain area for many, the water volume is rich, only the flow has hundred in 30 kilometers, main rivers approximately 20, divide into five big river systems, mainly has is the Heilongjiang river system the Songhua River, Mudanjiang, waters a horse the river, Yitong River, the Nenjiang River, 拉林 the river; Is the Liaohe River river system Dongliao River, Xiliao River; Is the Yalu River river system the Yalu River, Hunjiang; Has the chart gate river water department the chart gate river, 嘎 the tooth river, the Boolean Kazak Tonghe, Hunchun River as well as is the Suifen River river system some small rivers and so on.

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    Jilin Province is situated at the Northern Hemisphere middle latitude region, east Asia-Europe continent, approaches subfrigid zone, the east is away from Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan is nearer, climate moist multi- rain; West is far away the sea to approach the dry Mongolian Plateau, the climate dry, the few rain multi- sandstorm, formed remarkably has been the temperate zone moist - half arid monsoon climate, the winter long cold, summer short burning hot, Spring and Autumn Period multi- winds, weather changeable, autumn sunny, the temperature difference was big. The annual mean temperature generally in -3 ℃ - 7 ℃, whole year falls the juicy centralism in 6 - in August, the precipitation decreases progressively by the eastern part to the west. Within the boundaries annual mean precipitation generally between 350 - 1,000 millimeters. West the Baicheng area annual mean precipitation is about 400 millimeters, eastern part are many between 700 - 800 millimeters. The winter snow is thicker, the mountainous region snow cover amounts to 40 - 50 centimeters, the plain generally about 20 centimeters. The annual mean frost-free period, middle west of is 140 days, eastern part the mountainous area are many about 120 days.

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    The Jilin Province total population approximately 26.99 million, has the Chinese, North Korea, returns to, is full, the Siberia, Mongolia, reaches mediates you to wait for the nationality. The Korean National Minority mainly concentrates in the Yanbian area and within the boundaries of the Jilin city; The Manchu nationality mainly lives scatteredly in four is even, places such as Tonghua. In 2002 the population birth rate is 8.30 ‰, the mortality rate 5.11 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 3.19 ‰. Until locally gets employed the person to 2002 year's end to amount to 10950000.

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   The Jilin Province area 187,400 square kilometers, entire province altogether governs: 1 autonomous prefecture, 8 places levels city, 19 municipal districts, 20 county level cities, 18 counties, 3 autonomous counties, govern 460 towns, 326 townships (33 ethnic townships), 240 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital are Changchun.

Jilin Province politics area chart

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    The Jilin history is glorious, ancient times was the national minority inhabited area. Zhou Weisu cautious, the Chinese for scoops up Low, holds the leeway; At the beginning of Tang, once built Bohai Sea in the eastern part mountainous area 海国; Song Dynasty, Nuzhen founds Jin Guo in this; After the Ming Dynasty, the Manchu moves frequently, the Qing Dynasty starts in this to construct Jilin Province. In September, 1931, after the Japanese militarism invaded northeast, set up the false Jilin Province government office. After in August, 1945 northeast recovered, established the Jilin Province people's government, throughout history established the people's regime for Jilin Province the beginning.

    Jilin Province various clansmen privately owned glorious revolutionary tradition. After 1931 "9.18" the emergency, east Jilin Province the mountainous area became my Northeast Anti-Japanese Amalgamated Army to attack the Japanese invader's base, the renowned against Japan national heroes, Northeast Anti-Japanese Amalgamated Army first route army commander-in-chief concurrently Commissar General Yang Qingyu once has carried on in this 坚苦卓绝 the struggle.

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    Jilin is the nation is well-known produces grain big province, also is one of national important commodity grain bases, the land is fertile, mainly plants the corn, the soybean, the sorghum, the paddy rice, the wheat, the millet and so on. The industrial crop mainly is the tobacco, the beet, the flax, the sunflower, the castor-oil plant and so on. Of of this province is the civilized Chinese and foreign "the three treasures of the northeast" one of the ginseng, the marten skin, velvet important habitats, west the boundary animal husbandry, the fishery are also more developed. Industry class more complete, mainly take Changchun, Jilin, four is even, Yenchi as the base. Changchun by the reputation is "the automobile city", "the movie city"; Jilin is the national first comprehensive chemical industry base, has "the chemical city" the name. Formed the machinery, the chemical fertilizer, the papermaking, the leather, the farm machinery has built, the spinning and weaving, food and so on the many kinds of professions. The mineral resource is rich, the principle has the iron, the copper, the aluminum, the gold, the lead, the zinc, the coal, the petroleum, the limestone, the phosphorus and so on.

    In 2002 this boundary completes the GDP 224.3 billion Yuan, grew 9.5% compared to the last year, the realization per capital GDP 8,322 Yuan. Primary industry GDP 45.6 billion Yuan, produce the grain 22.15 million tons, the grain 19.88 million tons, the fuel oils 460,000 tons, the sugar 760,000 tons, the fruit 800,000 tons, the meats 2.04 million tons, pork 760,000 tons, mutton 370,000 tons, beef 40,000 tons, milk class 190,000 tons, aquatic product 110,000 tons; The second industry GDP 96.5 billion Yuan, the industry 78.6 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 17.9 billion Yuan, the raw coal 16.85 million tons, the crude oil 4.77 million tons, the power rate 29.6 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel 2.81 million tons, the pig iron 2.48 million tons, the end product steel products 287 tons, the cement 8.89 million tons, home use electric refrigerator 12,000, the agriculture uses the flowered fat 76,000 tons, automobile 520,000, program controlled switch 55,000. The tertiary industry GDP 82.2 billion Yuan, the transportation stores in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 13.9 billion Yuan, the wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry amounts to 29.5 billion Yuan. In 2002 realizes fixedly invests 69.3 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 16.1 billion Yuan. Financial revenue 132 Yuan, expenditure 36.3 billion Yuan. In 2002 the local cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 6,260 Yuan.


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    Jilin Province is in northeast three provinces and east the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region transportation key position, the railway network is crowded, transportation convenience, quickly. The railroad take Changchun as a center, take the Beijing Kazak line as the middle axle, take the long chart, long white, Shen Ji, even is uneven, Mei Ji, four plums and so on performs the multi- strip branch as the skeleton line, forms the railway communication transportation network. The road take Changchun, Jilin, Tonghua, four is even, Yenchi as a center, hundreds of federal highways, provincial road, 县道, township constitution highway traffic transportation network. The inland river shipping mainly is the Songhua River, the chart gate river, the Yalu River, the Nenjiang River may be open to navigation in the thawing time. The aviation has Changchun to the national more than 20 cities routes. Moreover Jilin also has the pipeline transportation.

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    Jilin natural landscape beautiful, the historical site is multitudinous. The scenic site concentrates in Changchun, Jilin, the Songhua River and Changbaishang mountain, like national key scenic spot area Songhua Lake scenic spot, Changbaishang mountain scenic spot, only month deep pool scenic spot and so on. Moreover the Changchun movie city, the Changchun world landscape garden, the false imperial palace exhibition hall, the Jilin fog 凇, the limestone cave landscape, the volcano landscape, the Changchun 卡伦 lake country club and so on all is attracting the massive Chinese and foreign tourists. In 2002 domestic goes to travel 294,000 people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 090 million US dollars.
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