Jiangsu Province

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    Jiangsu is called Soviet, is located southeast our country the coast, the cross Huabei Pingyuan and the Yangtze River downriver plain, clutches Yangtze River, the Huaihe River downriver. Eastern part borders on Yellow Sea, north borders on with Shandong Province, west borders on with Anhui Province, south adjoins with Zhejiang Province and Shanghai. Is situated at the east longitude 116°22 ' - 121°55 ', north latitude 30°45 ' - 35°07 '.

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    Jiangsu is the national topography lowest province, the major part elevation below 50 meters, topography smooth, the network of waterways is densely covered, has the low mountain and the knoll distribution. Continental sea waterfront long more than 1,000 kilometers. Within the boundaries may divide into four terrains areas: One, is located passes raises the canal by the northern, south of the northern Jiangsu knoll, by Yellow River, Huaihe River silts alluviation the northern Jiangsu Huang He and Huai He plain which becomes, its topography is smooth, the river bed outdoes the ground Feihuanghe, constitutes the special geographical landscape; Two is the Yangtze River delta, west Zhenjiang, north to passes raises the canal, south reaches Hangzhou bay, for the famous Chiangnan region of rivers and lakes, the lake spreads all over, the canal vertically and horizontally interweaves; Three, is located the north west rather town rolling country, mainly for the Ningzhen and the Maoshan knoll, has Zhong Shan, the Tangshan, 栖霞 the mountain, Maoshan and so on the famous mountain peak; Four, is located Hsuchou and within the boundaries of Lienyungang city northern Jiangsu rolling country, has in the province the high point Yuntai prominent peak beautiful woman peak, the elevation 625 meters. Within the boundaries has the big and small river course more than 2,000 strip, lake more than 300, belongs Yangtze River, Huaihe River, the river bank Shuhe River Si River three big river systems. Yangtze River amounts to more than 400 kilometers in boundary minister of the interior. The Beijing navigation canal goes through vertically the entire boundary, long approximately more than 600 kilometers. In addition also has Huaihe River, the Chuhe river, passes raises river course and so on canal. The main lake has Hongze Lake, Tai Lake, Yangcheng Lake, Gaoyou Lake and so on.

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    Jiangsu Province is the warm temperate zone - subtropics, the moist - half moist monsoon climate, the four seasons distinct, winter and summer is remarkable, cusp of spring and summer multi- plum rains, annual mean temperature 13 ℃ - 16 ℃, in January average temperature -1.5 ℃ - 0 ℃, in July average temperature 27 ℃ - 29 ℃, annual mean precipitation 800 - 1,000 millimeters.

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    Jiangsu Province total population 73.81 million, by Han Nationality primarily. The national minority has the Hui tribe, the Manchu nationality and the few Mongolian nationality, Zhuang nationality and so on, is one of our country population density biggest provinces, also is in the world one of population distribution most crowded areas. Is especially densest by the Yangtze River delta area. In 2002 local population birth rate 9.17 ‰, mortality rate 6.99 ‰, natural rate of growth 2.18 ‰. Until locally gets employed the person to 2002 year's end to amount to 35.06 million people.

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    The Jiangsu Province area more than 100,000 square kilometers, govern 13 places levels city, 52 municipal districts, 27 county level cities, 27 counties, altogether includes 1,194 townships, 136 towns (1 ethnic township), 262 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Nanjing.

Jiangsu Province politics area chart

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    Name of source Jiangsu to Qing Dynasty Jiangning, Suzhou two government offices first character. Itsdevelopment comparison early, when Spring and Autumn Period for country and so on Wu, Chu, Song, after Qin unifies this to suppose the county again, the Yuan is Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and the Henan north of the Changjiang River two 行省, Ming Shuying the day government office, clear changes the river Southern Ministries, when Kanghsi sets at Jiangsu Province, in 1927 new China reconstructed Jiangsu Province.

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    Jiangsu is typical "land of plenty", is our country grain cotton oil production base. The agricultural product by the paddy rice, the wheat primarily, the industrial crop has the cotton, the rape, the jute and so on. The lake district is our country important silkworm raising base, the fresh water fish cultivation extremely famous, the coastal aquatic product is rich. The coastal area is the our country to foreign countries opening up important window, also is the nation ten big exports one of provinces. The rural industry output value occupies head of the national. Within the boundaries the plant resources is rich, has the hemp oak tree, 白栎, fallen leaf broadleaf tree as well as the bamboo and so on catalpa, Chinese Chinese scholartree, 刚竹 and so on the bamboo class plant. In addition also has national level of protections plants and so on cathaya argrophylla, metasequoia, Chinese dove tree, golden flower-scented green tea. The wild animal mainly has the Yangzi alligator, the lipotes vexillifer, the Chinese sturgeon, the red-crowned crane, 麋鹿and so on. The industry already completed take the spinning and weaving, chemistry, food, the building materials, the metallurgy as the prop profession and by the weight industry coordinated development industrial system. The mineral resource type is many, mainly has the gold, the copper, the iron, the coal, the quartz, the kleit, 兰晶石, the quartz, the marble and so on the nearly hundred kinds. Hsuchou coal resources is rich, northern Jiangsu oil field high production petroleum, natural gas; Huai An is one of national biggest crag salt mines; The Huaibei saltern is Chinese one of four big salterns.

    In 2002 entire province realization gross national product 1063600000000 Yuan, grew 11.6% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP was 14,397 Yuan. In 2002 the agricultural output value 116.6 billion Yuan, the industrial output 482 billion Yuan, produce the cement 60.35 million tons, the raw coal 25.94 million tons, the end product steel products 22.75 million tons. Realizes the fixed asset investment 232 billion Yuan. In 2002 the cities inhabitant complete income is 8,739 Yuan, the actual disbursement 8,271 Yuan, the Engel coefficient is 40.4%.


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    Boundary 内水, land, spatial transportation all quite convenient, is especially more developed by the water transportation. The Yangtze River thing crosses the entire boundary, the Beijing line of Grand Canal vertical good north and south, and river, lake, ditch densely covered, the cabotage is more convenient, is open to navigation the course to occupy head of the national. Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Nantong are the our country important river port, Zhangjiagang, Lienyungang is the important foreign commercial harbour. The railroad take Nanjing, Hsuchou as a center, mainly has Beijing to Shanghai, the Gansu sea, rather line and so on copper. Nanjing has leads to the national more than 30 cities the routes, moreover, Changzhou, Lienyungang also separately have leads to Beijing, Guangzhou and Beijing, Shanghai's route.

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    Jiangsu is place of the province economic boom, the galaxy, the region of rivers and lakes scenery, the botanical garden beautiful scene, is everywhere fascinating, is the important of traveling victory area. Has Hsuchou, Yangtze River, the Tai Lake three big sceneries scenic spot traveling area. The Suzhou botanical garden is our country one of ten big sceneries scenic spots. Nanjing, Suzhou, Yangchow, Zhenjiang, Changshu, Huai An, Hsuchou are the historical city, Tai Lake, Nanjing Zhong Shan, the Yuntai, Shouxi lake and so on for the national key scenery scenic spot area, in addition Nanjing's Nanking, the Xuanwu lake, the Wuhan Bridge, Zhenjiang's Jinshan, Wuxi's Hui, Suzhou's clumsy political garden, Yixing's "three wonderful" as well as the Zheng plank bridge former dwelling, the Zhou Enlai former dwelling and so on all are famous goes sightseeing the tour paradise. In 2002 travels the person to amount to 2.23 million people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 1.1 billion US dollars.
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