Hebei Province

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    Hebei Province is called Hebei, is located north the Huabei Pingyuan, middle and lower reaches Yellow River. Eastern part is close to neighbour Bohai Sea, middle surrounds the Beijing and Tianjin two cities, west relies on Mount Taihang, north depends on Mt. yanshan. Its south and Shandong, Henan two provinces border on, west with the Shanxi Province border,north and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Liaoning Province docks. Is situated at the east longitude 113°27 ' one 119°50 ', north latitude 36°03 ' one 42°40 ' between.

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    Northeast topography high, southeast area low, within the boundaries both has the fluctuation the mountain range, and has the broad plain, the landform type complete also is complex diversely: The western Mount Taihang peaks and ridges fold 嶂, imposing, is continuous not certainly; The north Mt. yanshan palatial is grand above, the world famous Great Wall winds, west and north both has the undulation the plateau, and has the fragmentary size basin to spread; Broad and the smooth great plains distribute in the southeast area. The small Wutai Mountain elevation 2,882 meters, are in the province the high point. This boundary coastline long 487 kilometers.

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    Hebei Province is situated at our country 南温带 and center the temperate zone mainland east bank, carries Lu Mianhai, north Hebei, the Hebei Xishan 耸峙 to northeast part, as a result of the geographical position and the landform influence, this boundary is the temperate zone - warm temperate zone, half moist - half arid continental monsoon climate, the four seasons distinct, the winter cold is dry, the summer burning hot multi- rain, the spring dry multi- sandstorm, the autumn clear sky and fresh air. Annual mean temperature in 4 ℃ -13℃, annual mean precipitation 400 - 800 millimeters.

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    Entire province total population 67.35 million, including 55 nationalities, by Han Nationality primarily. Has the Manchu nationality, the Hui tribe, the Mongolian nationality and the Korean National Minority in addition and so on the national minority, Hui tribe population are most. In 2002 the population birth rate is 11.53 ‰, the mortality rate 6.25 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 5.28 ‰. Until locally gets employed the person to 2002 year's end to amount to 33860000. This boundary has Buddhism, the Taoism, the Islamism, Catholicism, the Christianity five kind of religions. Worshippers more than 2 million people. Catholic nearly million people, account for the nation Catholic total 1/4.

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    The Hebei Province area is 190,000 square kilometers, altogether governs 11 places levels city, 22 county level cities, 108 counties, 6 autonomous counties, 35 municipal districts. Altogether includes 933 towns, 1,035 townships (54 ethnic townships), 233 subdistrict offices, provincial capital Shijiazhuang.

Hebei Province politics area chart

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    Hebei Province because of is located the Yellow River downriver to acquire fame by the north. According to "禹 Tribute" records after, the legendary emperor yu regulates waterways, China divides into the Nine Provinces, this province is Jizhou, therefore abbreviation "Hebei". Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time, north this province subordinate swallow country; South the subordinate Jin country, after Han, Zhao, the Wei 三卿minute Jin, the majority is the Zhao country, therefore, this province also has "Yan Zhao" the name. 221 B.C., Chin Shihhuang unifies China, sets at the valley, the fishing area Hebei is positive, Peking, Liaoxi, Handan, the great deer, east county and so on county. The Han Dynasty, supposes 幽 Hebei two states. When three countries, is Wei Guoshu the place. At the beginning of the Jin, still set at 幽 Hebei two states. The Tang Dynasty at the beginning of Zhenguan is the Hebei road. Song Chufen Hebei east road and Hebei west road two administrative areas. Yuan Daishi calls 中书省. The bright Yunglo 19 years change 中书省 for the northern Chihli province. Clear synonym Chihli province. Because the Yuan, is bright, the clear three generations founds a capital Beijing, this province scope around national capital, therefore Hebei Province also often is called 畿辅. In 1928 changed Hebei Province.

    Yan gentleman of the Zhao generous elegy, in the history the celebrity poured forth since old times. When Warring States the famous doctor bian que, the Zhao country renowned statesmen 林相 like, the Southern and Northern Dynasties time Southern Dynasty scientific grandfather flushes it, Northern Wei Dynasty geographers and prose Li Daoyuan, Yuan Dai astronomer Guo Shou respect, drama scientist Guan Hanqing, at the beginning of Tang Dynasty statesman Wei Zhi, Qing Dynasty literature great master Cao Xueqin and so on for Hebei public figure.

    The Hebei Province people have glorious revolutionary tradition. In our country history first organized, has the preparation the farmer greatly revolts, Eastern Han Dynasty last years Huang Jin revolts, is erupts in this. Of a Li Dazhao Communist Party of China founders, ancestral home Hebei Province Le Tingren, he initiated in 1920 in Beijing has organized the communism group, and has led the northern area labor movement and the revolutionary struggle. The Sino-Japanese War time, this province belongs to 晋察冀, the Jin observes Lu Yu and Hebei hot is distant and so on the War of Resistance against Japan base area. After the Sino-Japanese War victory, from May, 1948 - March, 1949, this province Pingshan County Xibaipo once was the Central Committee of the CCP locus. On August 1, 1949, the Hebei Province people's government established in Baoding.

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    Hebei Province is one of national important agricultural and subsidiary products production provinces, output and so on grain, cotton and kapok, oil, meat, birds and beasts, egg, milk, fruit occupies national first ten. Crops by wheat, corn, sorghum, millet, peanut primarily. South is rich in the cotton, the mountainous area plants the fruit tree, area the Changpeh chang-pei plateau the pastoral area multi- sheep, the horse. In 2002 this province realization agriculture, forestry, grazing and fishing resultant 172.9 billion Yuan, in which produces the grain 24.36 million tons, the fuel oils 1.51 million tons, the fruit 7.49 million tons, the meats product 4.58 million tons. In the industry craft 美术品 drips the state gold thread tapestry, 易水 Shi Yan, the Quyang carved stone, the Tangshan Handan ceramics, 武强 the lunar new year's painting and so on richly colorful, technology exquisite, the history is glorious. Hebei Province industry foundation abundant, the class is complete, the coal, the spinning and weaving, the metallurgy, the building materials, the petroleum, the chemical industry, the electric power, the medicine are the pillar industry.

    In 2002 entire province realization GDP 607.7 billion Yuan, grew 12.5% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP was 9,047 Yuan. Realizes the gross value of industrial output 268.2 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 35.2 billion Yuan, produces the raw coal approximately 60.84 million tons, the crude oil more than 5.03 million tons, the year power rate 101.4 billion kilowatt-hours, produces the steel approximately 26.6 million tons, the pig iron more than 29.21 million tons, the end product steel products 25.1 million tons, the cement 57.69 million tons. In 2002 completes the fixed asset investment cost 116.2 billion Yuan.


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    This boundary geographical position superior, transportation convenient, transport mode complete, the layout is reasonable, does the branch to interlock the net. Take the railway communication as the backbone, has Beijing nine, the Beijing Kazak, Beijing is broad, Beijing to Shanghai, the Beijing package and so on the nationwide skeleton line, as well as Shi De, the stone too, the abundant sand, Beijing receive, Beijing originally, the Beijing Qin, Beijing passes, the brocade receives and so on the line. Has Beijing Kazak Tang Xuduan which our country most early completes the railroad, with 1,905 - 1909 managed the construction by railroad project expert Zhan Tianyou our country to be earliest from constructs the railroad - Jing-Bao Railroad Beijing open the section. This boundary all levels of paths vertically and horizontally interwove, have formed take each place administrative office as the central highway network. This province has the fine harbor, enhances one another's beauty with the overland communication. The aviation take Shijiazhuang as a center, has in the connection province and the domestic 20 important cities route.

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    The Hebei Province traveling resources rich, the natural scenery is beautiful, the scenic spot historical site spreads all over. Within the boundaries has the natural landscape and humanities landscape 200, national level key cultural relic preservation organ 58, occupies head of the national. The Chende summer vacation mountain village is the national extant biggest imperial family botanical garden. The summer vacation mountain village and periphery the temple is included by the United Nations UNESCO "the world inheritance name list". The grand ancient Great Wall, the world first pass "Shanhai Pass", the Ihsien clear king mausoleum, Man Chenghan the grave, Zhao Zhouqiao, the Beidaihe tour area very is all famous in the nation and even the world. In 2002 travels the person to amount to 474,000 people, realization traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 170 million US dollars. The local product has the Jingdong Chinese chestnut, the deep state honey peach, the Xuanhua grape, the Bohai Sea shrimp, the dam upper opening 蘑, the bonus is positive 杂面 and so on.
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