Hainan Province

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    Hainan Province abbreviation fine jade, in our country most south end, including Hainan Island and Xisha, Nansha, Zhongsha islands, island reef and its sea area and so on Huangyan Island. North separates the Qiongzhou haixia and Guangdong Province's Leizhou peninsula faces one another, west near Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam is the neighbour, east is near the South China Sea, south is close to the Pacific Ocean.

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    Hainan is our country second Oshima, is only inferior to Taiwan, the rotary island coastline is long. Middle topography high, is all around low. Middle Wutzushan stands tall and erect, the prominent peak elevation 1,867 meters, are the entire island high points. All around gradually decreases progressively for the mountainous region, the knoll, a place, the plain, the shallow seas and tidelands, the multilayered link strong landform is remarkable. The rivers rush the inflow sea from the middle mountainous region to the four directions, mainly has Nandu river, Changhua Jiang, with Wanquan River and so on.
    The Xisha Islands including 宣德, the Yunglo two islands, by 40 islands, the continent, the reef, the sand, the beach are composed. Zhongsha islands by the center sand atoll more than 30 dark sands, the hidden shoal is composed. The Nansha Islands by the distribution scope north and south 500 nautical mile, the thing 400 nautical miles more than 180 islands, the continent, the reef, the sand, the beach are composed. Reveals the water surface to have about 20. south end zengmu reef, is located the north latitude 3°58 ', the east longitude 112°17 ', is our country territory most south end. 

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    Hainan Province is the tropical monsoon climate and the tropics marine climate, whole year all summer, sunshine sufficient, rainfall abundant, the typhoon is frequent. Annual mean temperature in 22 ℃ - 26 ℃ between, annual mean precipitation 1,000 - 2,600 millimeters.

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    The Hainan Province total population 8.03 million, has the Chinese, Lebanon, the seedling, returns to and so on the nationality. In 2002 baby birth rate 15.20 ‰, mortality rate 5.72 ‰, natural rate of growth 9.48 ‰. Until to 2002 year's end local employment personnel is 3.42 million.

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    The Hainan Province land area more than 34,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 2 places levels city, 4 municipal districts, 6 county level cities, 4 counties, 6 autonomous counties, the altogether 181 towns, 20 townships, 17 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is a seaport.

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    Hainan is our country only take entire province as the special economic zone provincial level administrative unit, constructed in 1988.

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    Hainan Province as a result of the weather effect, is planted the tropical crop, the crops by the paddy rice primarily, cropping system for tree matures a year. The sugar cane is within the boundaries the main industrial crop. In addition also the massive plantation rubber and the coconut tree, the pepper, the betel nut, 油棕, the cashew, the coffee, the cocoa and so on, and are rich in fruit and so on pineapple, longan, mango, litchi chinensis. Vegetables best-selling north various provinces. The inshore fishing is developed, has the diversified economies fish. This province minerals are rich, nowadays has developed industry sector and so on the mining, rubber, spinning and weaving, electron, chemical industry, drugs manufacture, system sugar, shipbuilding, machinery, building materials, aquatic product processing, food.In 2002 the entire province completes GDP to amount to 60.3 billion Yuan, grew 9.2% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 8,054 Yuan. Completes the primary industry GDP 22.9 billion Yuan, produces the grain 1.89 million tons, the fuel oils 100,000 tons, the sugar 3.75 million tons, the fruit 1.39 million tons, the meats 400,000 tons; Completes the second industry GDP 12.3 billion Yuan, industry 8.1 billion Yuan, architecture industry 4.2 billion Yuan. Produces the raw coal 13,000 tons, the crude oil 46,000 tons, the power rate 5 billion kilowatt-hours, the end product steel products 81,000 tons, the cement 3.47 million tons, the cloth 020 million meters; The tertiary industry GDP 25.1 billion Yuan, the transportation stores in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 5.5 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 7.8 billion Yuan. In 2002 realizes the fixed asset investment 18.8 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 1.15 billion Yuan. The local cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 6,823 Yuan.


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    The Hainan Province on land transportation by the road primarily, may understand the entire province various villages and towns. The track line mainly distributes west Hainan Island. South central the inland river shipping crosses a river the shipping quite to be developed. The marine transportation is developed, has warded off has more than 20 harbors, mainly has the seaport, eight, Sanya. The aviation take the seaport as a center, passable toward national more than 40 cities. 2,002 entire social passenger transport rates 236.12 million people, railroad 130,000 people, road 229.79 million people, water transportation 6.2 million people, volume of passenger turnover 7.6 billion passenger-kilometer. In 2002 this boundary transported goods volume amounts to 76.53 million tons, railroad 2.88 million tons, the road 55.18 million tons, the water transportation 18.47 million tons, the entire social freight transportation turnover measures 23.9 billion ton kilometers, by water transportation primarily, approximately 1.94 million ton kilometers.

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    Hainan Province scenery beautiful joy person's Hainan Island is in our country South China Sea an ocean waves crowding around radiant pearl, is one of seven big traveling development zones which the State Council determined. Hainan Island by the tropics sea, the rotary island tropics Binhai scenery, the scenic spot historical site, the wild animals and plants protectorate and the unique national character and style is attracting everywhere multitudinous swimming. The earthen mound dredges the grave, the Dongpo academy, five male ancestral halls, a fine jade academy, East China Sea, the deer turns head, the ends of the earth and the tooth dragon bay country traveling vacation area, the Qiongshan country historical city and so on all extremely famous.Within the boundaries of 2002 goes to travel the population 390,000 people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is 100 million US dollars.
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