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    Guangdong Province because ancient is "hundred Guangdong" the place, but is called Guangdong. It is located our country the south, north neighbour Jiangxi, Hunan, west adjoin Guangxi, south meets Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, near the South China Sea, the north-west Leizhou peninsula separates the Qiongzhou haixia and Hainan Province faces one another. Is situated at the east longitude 109°39 ' - 117°19 ' and the north latitude 20°13 ' - 25°31 ' between.

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    North the topography Gao Nadi, the thing inclines to the abdomen. Approximately may divide the north Kwangtung mountainous region, the Yuexi mountain platform, the Guangdong Province mountainous region knoll, the Zhujiang Delta and the Chaoxian plain several parts, is located in the Hunan Guangdong frontier the stone quarry 崆 elevation 1,902 meters, is the entire province high point. The coastline is long, occupies head of the coastal various provinces. The rivers are the Pearl River river system, minority alone inflow sea. Mainly has Nankiang, the Beijiang River, Dong Jiang (always calls Pearl River) Han Jiang, the Moyangjiang River Jian Jiang and so on.

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    This boundary majority of is situated at the subtropics,is the subtropics - tropics wettability monsoon climate. Summer longer, rain water abundant, Spring and Autumn Period is shorter, Xia Qiuduo the typhoon rainstorm, the winter besides the north Kwangtung mountainous area, does not see the frost and snow, the annual mean temperature 19 ℃ - 23 ℃, annual mean precipitation 1,400 - 2,000 millimeters.

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    The Guangdong Province total population 86.42 million, is more than nationalities' provinces, the distribution has the national 56 nationalities, by the Chinese, precious, strong, 畲, returns, is full and so on the nationality primarily. This boundary is famous overseas Chinese district, the Guangdong nationality overseas Chinese Chinese people, the compatriots from hong kong approximately 30 million, overseas Chinese Chinese people approximately 20 million people, the compatriots from hong kong and macao approximately 6 million people, the Taiwan compatriot approximately 4 million people, spread the world hundred countries and the area. The Guangdong returned overseas Chinese family of a foreign national population more than 20 million, spreads entire province each place, especially is in the majority by the Zhujiang Delta and the Chaoxian plain, next for Meizhou area. Affects the bigger Guangdong overseas Chinese in the overseas to organize to have "the international moist group fraternity", "the world guest is earnestly kisses the congress", "the world Zhongshan various middle schools schoolmate earnestly kisses the congress" and so on. Within the boundaries the main religion has Buddhism, the Taoism, the Islamism, Catholicism and Christianity. The entire province religious group has the Guangdong Province Christianity three self policy patriotic association, the Guangdong Province China Buddhist Association and so on 7, the belief population more than 900,000.

    In 2002 the local baby birth rate is 13.29 ‰, the mortality rate 5.08 ‰, the natural rate of growth 8.21 ‰. Until reaches 39670000 to 2002 year's end local employment personnel.

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    The Guangdong Province area more than 180,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 21 places levels city, 48 municipal districts, 27 county level cities, 42 counties, 3 autonomous counties, altogether includes 1,458 towns, 18 townships (7 ethnic townships), 61 subdistrict offices, provincial capital Guangzhou.

Guangdong Province politics area chart

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    This boundary history is glorious, is for more than apart from the now 100,000 years ago to have "Qujiang Ma Baren" to live the multiplication in this. Hands down ancient is hundred places. After Chin Shihhuang unifies China, supposes the South China Sea county in 214 B.C.. The Tang Dynasty supposes Lingnan to say that, Song Dynasty supposes south the light to say, clear supposes Guangdong 行省, continues to use until now. This province has the bright revolutionary tradition, has the revolution to whip name of the source area. Was near, in the contemporary history in China once the wind and cloud opportune moment, the hero poured forth. The Opium War, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, the fifth heavenly stem defend the reform, the 1911 Revolution, the Northern Expedition, the province port big strike, the Guangzhou Uprising and so on many significant historical events all occurs in this, emerges Hong Xiuchuan, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, Sun Yat-Sen, Ye Jianying and so on one group of outstanding historical personages.

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    The Guangdong Province economy is developed, the agriculture by the paddy rice, the yam primarily, has the wheat, the corn, the legumes in addition and so on, the industrial crop by the sugar cane primarily, in addition has tropics, the subtropics fruit and so on the peanut, rapeseed, hemp, tea and banana, citrus fruits, pineapple, litchi chinensis. Sea area vast, network of waterways vertically and horizontally, reservoir more, the fish pond proliferates, the aquatic resource is rich. The industry neutron, the domestic electric appliances, the spinning and weaving, the chemical industry, the building materials, food and so on are developed. Guangdong Province is our country most important foreign trade window, "Guangdong goods" best-selling domestic and foreign markets. Mineral resource rich, has verified the minerals have hundred kinds, by the kleit, the marly soil, the metallurgy with the arteries 英石, the germanium reserves is especially most abundant, arranges in order national first.

    In 2002 entire province realization GDP 1167400000000 Yuan, grew 10.8% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 14,908 Yuan. Primary industry GDP 102.4 billion Yuan, produce the grain 14.79 million tons, the grain 12.68 million tons, the fuel oils 760,000 tons, the sugar 13.16 million tons, the fruit 6.99 million tons, the meats 3.49 million tons, (pork 2.26 million ton, mutton 50,000 ton, beef 05,000 tons), milk class 111,000 tons, aquatic product 6.28 million tons. Completes the second industry to increase the value 585.7 billion Yuan, in which realizes the gross value of industrial output 523.2 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 62.5 billion Yuan. Produces the raw coal 1.69 million tons, the crude oil 12.65 million tons, the power rate 152.6 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel 4.7 million tons, the pig iron 2.72 million tons, the end product steel products 6.64 million tons, the cement 59.89 million tons, the cloth 1.54 billion meters, home use electric refrigerator 3.173 million, the agriculture with the flowered fat 190,000 tons, automobile 65,000, program controlled switch 18.74 million, moves telephone 31.59 million, miniature electronic accounting machine 4.16 million. The tertiary industry GDP is 479.4 billion Yuan, transportation stores in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 114.7 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 114.1 billion Yuan.

    In 2002 the local fixed asset investment grows quickly, the realization fixed asset investment cost 302.3 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invest 47.8 billion Yuan. Financial revenue 120.2 billion Yuan, expenditure 152.1 billion Yuan. In 2002 the local consumable total volume of retail sales approximately is 501.4 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant average per person may control the income is 11,137 Yuan, the actual disbursement 11,369 Yuan, the expense disbursement is 8,988 Yuan, the non- expense disburses 2,380 Yuan, the Engel coefficient is 38.5%. The countryside inhabitant average per person net income is 3,912 Yuan, the main branch leaves is 3,819 Yuan, uses in to live expends 2,825 Yuan, the cash receives 4,147 Yuan, disburses 3,309 Yuan, the Engel coefficient is 47.6%. In 2002 the foreign investment enterprise import-export goods total amount is 12.8607 million US dollars, export amount 6.9625 million US dollars, import amount 5.8982 million US dollars.


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    Guangdong Province's amphibious transportation quite is all convenient. The railway communication take Beijing broad, Beijing nine, Guang Shen, Li Zhan, Mei Shan and so on as the main skeleton line, the dense like spider web highway connection take Guangzhou as the central highway, causes the transportation to be more convenient. The inland river shipping take the Pearl River river system as the main skeleton line; Marine transportation developed, size harbor exceed hundred, mainly has Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Shantou and so on, Guangzhou and Shantou's new year's goods volume of goods handled quite is all big. The aviation take Guangzhou as a center, passable toward province inside and outside each big city, as well as places such as Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Melbourne.

    In 2002 the entire social passenger transport rate approximately is 117,900 people, the volume of passenger turnover is 128 billion passenger-kilometer; The transported goods volume is 98,900 tons, the freight transportation turnover quantity is 311.8 billion ton kilometers.

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    The Guangdong traveling resources is rich, Zhaoqing star lake, Guangdong four Mingshan: Luofu Mountain, Xijiao Mountain, Danxia Mountain, Dinghu Mountain, in Sunwui bird heaven, Taishan scenic spot and so on Sichuan island, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, Lake Nanhu. The scenery is beautiful, other characteristic; The scenic spot historical site has four big prominent monasteries: Guangxiao Temple, the Southern China temple, the New Year temple, the Kingyun temple, the Foshan ancestral temple, the Sun Yat-Sen former dwelling, the Guangzhou Zhong Shan Memorial Hall, Chen are the academy, the Zhenhai building and so on, moreover also has many beaches, the hot spring, the grotto and the artificial botanical garden and so on, all is attracting the multitudinous Chinese and foreign tourists by the deep historical culture embodiment and the remarkable modern civilized breath.2,002 entire provinces go to travel the person to amount to 1.5261 million people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 5.1 billion US dollars.
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