Gansu Province

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    Gansu Province was ancient times Gan Zhou and austere state gathers stated that, was called Gansu, and further because within the boundaries ancient was the Longxi county, therefore was called Gansu. It is located our country northeast part, Yellow River's upstream. A northeast corner and the Mongolian republic borders on, north and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region borders on, west near the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, south meets Qinghai and Sichuan two provinces, east continually Shanxi Province and Ningxia hui autonomous region. Is situated at the east longitude 92°13 ' - 108°46 ', north latitude 32°31 ' - 42°57 ' between.

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    The Gansu landform complex is diverse, the mountainous region, the plateau, the flat country, the river valley, the desert, Gobi interlock distributes, the terrain by the plateau mountainous region primarily, approximately may divide into south the Gansu Corridor, the Beishan Mountains mountainous region, the Qilian mountainous region, Gansu in the mountainous area, Gansu east Gansu the loess plateau, Gansu 南山 and so on six areas. The Gansu Corridor, is located Chilienshan by the north, south of the Beishan Mountains mountainous region, northwest Shulehe river downriver, the southeast stops Wu Qiaoling, is situated at Yellow River west, also calls Gansu the corridor; The Beishan Mountains mountainous region, is located the Gansu Corridor by the north, mainly includes the Beishan Mountains, the Bor, the Heli and Long Shoushan; The Qilian mountainous region, is located Gansu, blue two provinces 交界处, west works as the golden mountain pass, the southeast meets Qinling, Liupanshan; South Gansu the mountainous area, approximately is located south of Weihe River, Lintan, 迭 the east of mountainous area, its west Gannan plateau of a part for Qinghai-Tibet Plain, the mountainous area and the knoll is this local most obvious terrain characteristic. In Gansu east Gansu the loess plateau, approximately is located Gansu 南山 by the north, east of Liupanshan, west of Mt. Longshan, also called the longxi plain, is the loess plateau most west part. The Chilienshan prominent peak elevation 5,547 meters, are this province high points. Within the boundaries bigger rivers have more than 400 strip, mainly has inland river and Yellow River and so on Heihe, Shulehe river if upstream branch Taohe river, the Weihe River, Zuli River, Jialing River the white dragon brand river and so on 外流河.

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    The Gansu Province boundary is long, to northwest may divide from the southeast into the subtropics moist area, the warm temperate zone moist area, the temperate zone half moist area, the temperate zone half arid area, the temperate zone arid area, the warm temperate zone arid area, the high and cold half arid area and the high and cold moist area and so on several parts, annual mean temperature in -1 ℃ - 15 ℃ between, annual mean precipitation 30 - 860 millimeters.

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    The Gansu Province total population 25.93 million, has the Chinese, returns to, Tibet, Dongxiang county abundantly, solid, the security, Mongolia, Khazak, scatters pulls, the earth, is full and so on the nationality.In 2002 the population birth rate is 13.16 ‰, mortality rate 6.45 ‰, natural rate of growth 6.71 ‰. Until reaches 12.55 million people to 2002 year's end local employment personnel.

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    The Gansu Province area 390,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 2 local, 10 places levels cities, 2 autonomous prefectures, 15 municipal districts, 4 county level cities, 60 counties, 7 autonomous counties,the altogether 460 towns, 1,078 townships (39 ethnic townships), 107 subdistrict offices,the provincial capital is Lanzhou.

Gansu Province politics area chart

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    Ancient for harmony, the Liang two states places of, when Spring and Autumn Period is Qin Hexi Rung, Qin sets at the Longxi county, west subordinate month Di, the Chinese for the Liang state place, the Yuan is Gansu, Shaanxi two provinces, takes Gan Zhou, the austere state two places first characters naming. Clear sets at Gansu Province. 

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    The crops mainly have the wheat, has miscellaneous grains and so on corn, yam, millet, the industrial crop mainly is the oil-bearing grops in addition, but also has the cotton, the beet, the leaf tobacco, the fruits and melons and so on. The Gansu Province mineral resource is rich, Yumen is our country earliest petroleum base, 金昌 has "name of the nickel all", the Lanzhou refinery is well-known the nation, Jiayuguan is our country northwest biggest iron and steel industry base, but also has industry class and so on the petroleum, chemical industry, spinning and weaving, metallurgy, the pastoral area has the meander horse, the Euler sheep, the wool, the leather, the sausage casing and so on the important output. In 2002 the entire province completes the GDP 116.1 billion Yuan, grew 9.4% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP was 4,493 Yuan.Realization primary industry GDP 21.4 billion Yuan, the total agricultural output value is 35.9 billion Yuan, the forestry 25.7 billion Yuan, produces the grain 7.83 million tons, the meats 700,000 tons, the milk class 170,000 tons. Second industrial output value 53 billion Yuan, industrial output 39 billion Yuan, architecture industry 14 billion Yuan. Produces the raw coal 20.89 million tons, the power rate 34 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel 2.13 million tons, the pig iron 2.16 million tons, the end product steel products 2.08 million tons, the cement 10.81 million tons. Completes the tertiary industry output value 41.7 billion Yuan, transportation stores in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 6.4 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 13.2 billion Yuan. In 2002 completes the fixed asset total investment 44.9 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 6,151 Yuan, actual disbursement 6,420 Yuan, Engel coefficient 35.4%.


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    The Gansu transportation take the railroad and the road as a backbone, the main railroad has the Gansu sea, Bao Lan, blue is new, 天兰, skeleton line and other some branches and so on Lanchow Tsinghai. Blue Arab League, west blue, blue new and so on the road for is important 省际公路, in addition the multitudinous federal highway and the county township said, interweaves the net, causes transportation extremely convenient. The aviation take Lanzhou as a center, passable toward the national more than 20 populace cities, places such as Jiayuguan, Dunhuang also has the civilian airliner rise and fall.

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    The Gansu Province traveling resources is rich, "the Dunhuang Mogao Caves" are our country one of three big rock caves art treasure houses, is the construction, the drawing and the sculpture comprehensive artistic treasure house. The Maiji rock cave by the reputation is "Eastern sculpture art museum", Jiayuguan is the Great Wall most west end pass city, ancient times the famous Silk Road crossed this province 1,500 kilometers, but also had the cry Shashan - crescent moon spring scenery scenic spot area, the Kongtong scenery scenic spot area, Jiuquan, the Wuwei local scenery, the Liu chia hsia reservoir, Lanzhou's jade Quanshan, the white Tashan and so on all is the famous tourist attraction.
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