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    Fujian is called Fujian, is located southeast our country the coast, east the neighbour Taiwan Straits, north continually Zhejiang Province, south meets Guangdong Province, 隔海相望 with Taiwan, west adjoins with Jiangxi Province. Is situated at the east longitude 115°50 ' - 120°43 ', north latitude 23°33 ' - 28°19 '.

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    The Fujian element has "southeast the mountainous country" the name, within the boundaries the mountain ridge towers, the knoll fluctuation, the river valley basin alternates with the arrangement.The terrain by the mountainous region earthen mound range primarily, the topography northwest is high, southeast the bottom, the sierra assumes northeast - southwest to move towards. West is sierra and so on length 500 meter Mount Wuyi, cedar range, including the province elevation highest mountain peak - Huanggang, the elevation 2,158 meters; Middle is the Jiufeng, the Daiyun, and sierra and so on abundant even range; Eastern part is the low knoll and the coastal plain. This province coastline winding, the islands are multitudinous, the terrain influence, the rivers is assumed the netted river system. Because the land sinks with the sea water washes out, the coastal entrance assumes 三角湾, forms the multitudinous natural good port, mainly has Xiamen Port, the Quanzhou port, the Xiu islet port, the horse's tail port as well as three all ports and so on. The coast has size islands thousand, by Jinmen islands, Dongshan Island, 海坛 island and Xiamen island primarily. The main rivers are Jiulong Jiang, Minjiang river, Jinjiang as well as Ting Jiang and so on.

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    Fujian Province is the subtropics moist monsoon climate, warm moist, sunlight sufficient, the rainfall is rich, rain hot same time, 7 - in September multi- typhoons, annual mean temperature 17 ℃ - 22 ℃, annual mean precipitation 1,400 - 2,000 millimeters.

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    The Fujian Province total population 34.66 million, has the Chinese, 畲, returns to, is full, the mountain and so on 49 nationalities constitutes. Because this locality and the Taiwan geography is close, the language is interlinked, the blood relationship intimate, lives within the boundaries of Fujian's Taiwan nationality compatriot person ranks first in the nation. Entire province general Chinese, each place also has the Fuzhou speech, 莆 the immortal speech, the southern Min dialect, the Hakka language and so on the many kinds of dialects. In 2002 local population birth rate 13.35 ‰, mortality rate 5.57 ‰, natural rate of growth 5.78 ‰. Until reaches 17110000 to 2002 year's end local employment personnel.

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    The Fujian Province area more than 120,000 square kilometers, presently govern 9 places levels city, 27 municipal districts, 14 county level cities, 45 counties, altogether includes 623 towns, 354 townships (18 ethnic townships), 129 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Fuzhou.

Fujian Province politics area chart

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    Fujian has the glorious history, when the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Warring States for east. Qin unifies supposes the county, when three countries Wu sets at the Jianan county, Tang is the Chiangnan host north west, gets up the boundary with now west, south border of provine is approximately same. Five generations of ten countries Fujian boundary and now border of provine are similar, Song sets at the Fujian road, the Southern Song Dynasty time, the Fujian road supposes a government office, five states, two armed forces, altogether divides the Chinese red army soldier, therefore Fujian has "eight Fujian" the name. The Song Dynasty last years, rise Fuzhou are the Fu-an government office, decides as the line all. At the beginning of the Yuan, simultaneously supposes Fujian, Quanzhou within the boundaries of Fujian, prosperously is popular three lines 中书省. Changes the lucky construction bank to the end of the Yuan 中书省. The bright Hongwu two years, according to a Yuan system, suppose "the lucky construction bank 中书省", after change are "Fujian receive announcement politics commissioner". The Ming Dynasty last years, change Fujian are lucky Beijing, Fuzhou are popular the government office for the day. Clear is Fujian Province, continues to use until now.

    Fujian since the ancient times celebrity quite a lot, mainly has Li Gang, Li Zhi, Zheng Chenggong, Yan Fu, Lin Zexu, the forest 觉民, Fang Shengdong, Chen Jiageng and so on.

    In 1926 this province started party's organization, successively has established take Fuzhou as in central 闽北, Fujian the party organization and take Xiamen as central Minnan, the West Fujian province party organization. To 1928, was gentle, places such as Longyan, Yongding, Chong An erupts one after another the farmer armed uprising which the party led, Fujian revolutionized the struggle henceforth to step onto the military to struggle and to found the countryside revolutionary base the path. Second Revolutionary Civil War time Chairman Mao Zedong and Comrade Zhu De led the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army fourth armed force spring to enter Fujian in 1929. The local armed forces which in the West Fujian province place party organization and deng Zi Hui, and so on Comrade Zhang Dingcheng leads matches originally, starts the agrarian revolution, the expanded worker and peasant military, founded the West Fujian province revolutionary base. In the same year, the Fourth Red Army in the Shanghang County Kut'ien, held famously "the ancient day conference". In March, 1932, has established the Fujian Province worker and peasant democratic government in West Fujian province. After continues west the people the revolutionary base has successively established east in Minnan, 闽北, Fujian, Fujian the revolutionary base and peace and the water's edge and so on the red region, the red area spreads more than 60 counties boundaries.

    Surge upward in Communist Party of China's influence and the national opposition to Japan national salvation movement under the form, in November, 1933, Kuomintang 19 route armies military officers Cai Tingkai and so on united the Kuomintang partial left wing influence, has started the Fujian emergency, established "the Chinese republic people in Fujian to revolutionize the government", and worked out with Red Army has opposed Japan the counter- Jiang's agreement. Late August, 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army liberated provincial capital - Fuzhou, then liberated Xiamen and other areas. In 1950 liberated Dongshan Island. From this time on, Fujian besides Jinmen islands and certain islands, considers the liberation.

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    Fujian back Shan Mianhai, climate temperate, the rain water is abundant, for the full scale development agriculture, the forest, the herd, the fishing has provided the advantage. Its within the boundaries plants crops few, 30% distributes in the coastal plain, other distribute in the mountainous area rough terrain. Grain crops by paddy rice and yam primarily, other grain crops less, the industrial crop mainly is the sugar cane, the hemp and the peanut and so on, moreover the tea variety is many, mainly concentrates in northeast and southeast area. The cultivation system generally is one ripe a year, east of the Fujian is two or three ripes a year. The fruit mainly has subtropics six given names fruits and so on the longan, litchi chinensis, sweet orange, banana, pineapple, loquat. Tea type many, quality fine, by the Oolong tea, the jasmine tea, the Oolong tea, the scarlet gown is especially world famous. In 2002 the entire province completes the country introspection to produce the resultant 468.2 billion Yuan, primary industry total output value 66.3 billion Yuan, produce the grain 7.63 million tons, the fuel oils 260,000 tons, the sugar 1.18 million tons. This boundary industry class is many, mainly has the metallurgy, the coal, mining, the electric power, the building materials, the electron, the machinery, the spinning and weaving, the chemical industry, food, the medicine and so on. Mineral resource type many, the reserves is rich, mainly has the iron, the copper, the lead, the zinc, the aluminum, the silver, the cobalt, the coal and so on. In 2002 the industrial output amounts to 188.3 billion Yuan, produces the raw coal 6.45 million tons, the cement 16.99 million tons, the pig iron 1.8 million tons, the year power rate 53.3 billion kilowatt-hours, the end product steel products 3.68 million tons. In 2002 local realizes the fixed asset investment 96.5 billion Yuan. In 2002 the total amount of import-export trade approximately is 1.8798 million US dollars.


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    The transportation, the sea, the land pay equal attention to, aerial transport for auxiliary. The main railroad skeleton line includes: The hawk summer, the Zhang dragon, comes the luck and so on. The highway traffic is convenient, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Yongan, Nanping, Longyan, Jianyang and so on become this province the transportation key position. The inland river shipping take Minjiang river as the main route, the cabotage take Xiamen Port, the horse's tail port, the shore state port, the Quanzhou port, the Dongshan port and so on as the main harbor. The aviation take Fuzhou and Xiamen as a center, has leads to the domestic dozens of cities and Manila's routes.

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    The Fujian geographical position is superior, has the subtropics mountainous area special scenery. Southeast "奇秀 armor" Mount Wuyi, "marine garden" old wave islet, "world first Shan" Tailao, but also has the clear source mountain breeze scenic area, the peach garden hole - scale hides the hoodoo scenic spot, the Jinhu scenic spot, the mandarin duck brook scenic spot and so on all is the famous traveling saint area. Has "reputation of banyan tree city" Fuzhou, the scenery is beautiful, has scenic spot and so on Yu Shan, Gu, bubbling spring temple, Xihu. Moreover also has the Zheng Chenggong memorial hall, the peaceful level bridge and so on extremely is also famous. In 2002 this boundary traveling person amounts to 1.85 million people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 1.1 billion US dollars.
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