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    Is located southwest our country the center, upstream Yangtze River from Jiangjin to Wushan long approximately 600 kilometer sections of river both banks. West, north continually Sichuan, south depends on Guizhou Province, east near Hubei, Hunan, northeast and Shaanxi borders on. Is situated at the east longitude 105°17 ' -110°11 ', north latitude 28°10 ' - 32°13 ' between Qinghai-Tibet Plain and Changjiang zhongxiayou zone of transition.

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    The city boundary is vast in territory, within the boundaries the rivers and streams vertically and horizontally, the peaks and ridges fold 嶂. East topography higher, the fluctuation is bigger. The landform by the mountainous region as well as the hilly ground which by the Daba, Wushan, the Fangdou and the Dalou and the Wuling docks primarily. West belongs to the sichuan pendi the eastern part, the elevation slightly lowly, slope area bigger, Cheng Cengxing is obvious, within the boundaries is distributing karst landscape and so on model hoodoo, peak forest, limestone cave, canyon. Within the boundaries Yangtze River and Jialing River, 綦江 connect to changes, Banan, Wu River and Yangtze River connects to 涪陵.

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    The Chongqing majority of areas are the subtropics moist monsoon climate. Four seasons distinct, winter warm summer hot, frost-free period long, the rainfall is abundant, the rain hot same season, a cusp of spring and summer night of rain much worse, usually has "a Prasarn night of rain" saying. Annual mean temperature approximately in 12 ℃ - 20 ℃ between, annual mean precipitation 1,000 - 1,400 millimeters.

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    The Chongqing total population 31.07 million, has the Chinese, returns to, the seedling, fully, Yi, strong, is white, Tuchia nationality and so on more than 30 nationalities. In 2002 the local baby birth rate is 9.36 ‰, the population mortality rate 6.08 ‰, the natural rate of growth 3.28 ‰. Until to 2002 year's end this city employment personnel 16.4 million people.

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    The Chongqing area 82,300 square kilometers, the whole city governs 4 county level cities, 17 counties, 15 municipal districts, 4 autonomous counties.Altogether has 683 towns, 563 townships (8 ethnic townships), 101 subdistrict offices,the municipality municipal government station is Chongqing.

Chongqing municipal administration area chart

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    Chongqing is the China famous historical city, has more than 3,000 years glorious history and the honorable revolutionary tradition, changes the area take Chongqing as central Cuba is Pakistan changes the cultural birthplace, this land has bred the Chongqing glorious history. Is apart from now approximately two to 30,000 years paleolithic period last stage, had the humanity to live in this. B.C.E. 11 centuries business week time, the Pakistan people take Chongqing as the capitals, founds the Pakistan country. Latter Qin Mieba the country, divides the world is 36 county, the Pakistan county is its one. The heyday time Pakistan country area take original Chongqing as the administrative center, has jurisdiction over west north eastern Sichuan province, Hubei, 陕南, the western Hunan with Guizhou Province north and so on the region. Since the Qin and Han Dynasty, this region most times have been a unified administrative area of jurisdiction, its administrative center is located in original Chongqing. Its ancient name Jiangzhou, latter called Pakistan the county, Chu Zhou, changes the state, 恭 the state. The Southern and Northern Dynasties time, the Pakistan county changes Chu Zhou. A.D. 581 year Sui Wendi changes Chu Zhouwei to change the state, the Chongqing beginning called "changes". In 1189, Song Guangzong first sealed 恭 the king, latter was the imperial throne, bragged "the dual jubilation", rises 恭 the state is the Chongqing government office, Chongqing from this acquires fame, is apart from now to have more than 800 years. In 1891 Chongqing foreign became China most early to open the port the interior trading port. In 1929 officially established Chongqing. 1937 - 1946, Japan started the aggressive war to China, the national government to move in Chongqing, Chongqing becomes Republic of China wartime alternate capital, was at that time the nation Sino-Japanese War and the counter- Fascist's supreme headquarters, the Chinese big rear area politics, the economy, the cultural center, therefore Chongqing also had "three all places" the name. After national government also all Nanjing, Chongqing was still the municipality. New Chinese establishment initial period Chongqing took the Central Committee of the CCP Southwest bureau and southwest the military and political committee station, is southwest local politics, the economy, the cultural center, is central municipality. West after 1954 the Southern University area abolished changes the Sichuan municipality. In 1983 took the lead into the nation economic system comprehensive reform experiment site city, the implementation plan single row, entrusted with the provincial level economy management jurisdiction. In 1992 is warded off for along the river the open city. In September, 1996 central authorized Chongqing to act as an agent the Wan Xian city, 涪陵 the city and the Guizhou Province river area. On March 14, 1997, considered the authorization by eight sessions of National People's Congress five conferences, Chongqing officially becomes China fourth, western area only municipality.

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    The Chongqing grain is the owner to produce the paddy rice, the wheat, the corn, the sweet potato; The industrial crop and the livestock product mainly have the rape, the citrus fruits, the silkworm raising, the tung oil, 生漆 and the live pig. The industry class is complete, by the machinery, the chemical industry, the metallurgy, the spinning and weaving, food primarily, touches the trailer output to occupy the world front row. Twinbridge for the heavy automobile city, the big ferry spot is the metallurgy base, moreover Changshou County's petrified industry as well as the north of the Changjiang River area produces the compact car is also more famous. Chongqing is southwest China the biggest industry and commerce city. In 2002 the whole city completes the GDP 197.1 billion Yuan. Primary industry GDP 31.6 billion Yuan, produce the grain 10.82 million tons, the fuel oils 350,000 tons, the sugar 120,000 tons, the fruit 910,000 tons, the meats 1.53 million tons, pork 1.27 million tons, mutton 50,000 tons, beef 24,000 tons, milk class 80,000 tons, aquatic product 210,000 tons; Completes the second industry GDP 82.7 billion Yuan, completes the industrial output 65.1 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 17.6 billion Yuan, produces the raw coal 12.12 million tons, the power rate 18.5 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel 1.99 million tons, the pig iron 1.87 million tons, the end product steel products 2.02 million tons, the cement 16.8 million tons, the cloth 230 million meters, the agriculture uses the flowered fat 830,000 tons, automobile 330,000; Completed the tertiary industry GDP 82.9 billion Yuan, the transportation stores in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 12.4 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 18.3 billion Yuan, GDP grows 10.3% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 6,353 Yuan. In 2002 local realizes fixedly invests736hundred million Yuan. The renewal transformation invests 10.8 billion Yuan. Financial revenue 12.6 billion Yuan, expenditure 30.6 billion Yuan. In 2002 the local cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 7,238 Yuan.


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    The transportation had Cheng Yu, assists changes, track line and so on Sichuan Guizhou Province, the road extends in all directions, becomes changes high speed, changes the red road, the Sichuan cloud east road and some federal highways constituted the main trunk highway, Yangtze River is the water transportation skeleton line, Jialing River, Fuchiang River, Qu Jiang, Wu River also may be open to navigation, Chongqing for Yangtze River upstream most important inland river shipping wharf. Chongqing and ten thousand states have the civil scheduled flight take off and landing, passable toward national more than 40 populace cities.

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    This city traveling resources rich, the tourism is developed, Three Gorges of the Yangtze River scenery scenic spot area including grand precipitous Qutangxia, profound beautiful Wu Gorge and beach juicy anxious Xiling Gorge and Shi Baozhai, Baidicheng and so on; South the Chongqing scenic spot has scenic spot and so on hot spring park, loquat mountain park, red rock village and Geleshan, the Chongqing red Yunshan scenic spot red Yunshan, north the hot spring park, 合川 fishes the city and so on as well as the Jinfo scenic spot, places such as greatly full carved stone all is attracting the massive Chinese and foreign tourists.
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