JavaScript Function calculator 函数计算器

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This calculator calculates JavaScript numerical expressions and runs JavaScript code, and plots and visualizes JavaScript functions over the real domain. The independent variable must be typed as x for evaluation. Type an expression into the box and press Enter key in your keyboard to evaluate.

For example:

  1. x=2; x^2
    assign 2 to x, then calculate x^2.
  2. f(x)=x^2; f(2)
    define function f(x), then calculate f(2).
  3. integrate(x=>sin(x),[1,2])
    calculate integration sin(x) from 1 to 2, more calculus operations are in JavaScript calculus, where f is JavaScript function, e.g. x=>sin(x)
  4. g=[1,2]; g.reverse()
    reverse the order of elements in list g. List, vector, matrix and array are the same as array in JavaScript.
  5. g=[[1,1],[1,2]]; inverse(g)
    inverse matrix, more matrix operations are in matrix calculator.
  6. sin(x-timer(9))
    for animation, add the timer(t) function and change animation speed by the different t value.
  7. ds(x=>sin(x),x,0.5)
    plot the 0.5 order derivative = semi derivative
  8. ds(x=>sin(x),x,-0.5)
    plot the -0.5 order derivative = semi integral
  9. matrix calculator and math calculator and web editor can run more JavaScript code.