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A way of associating unique objects to every point in a given Set. So a map from $A\mapsto B$ is an object $f$ such that for every $a\in A$, there is a unique object $f(a)\in B$. The terms Function and Mapping are synonymous with map.

The following table gives several common types of complex maps.

Mapping Formula Domain
Inversion $f(z) = {1\over z}$  
Magnification $f(z) = az$ $a \in \Bbb{R} \not = 0$
Magnification+Rotation $f(z) = az$ $a\in\Bbb{C} \not = 0$
Möbius Transformation $f(z) = {az+b\over cz+d}$ $a, b, c, d \in \Bbb{C}$
Rotation $f(z) = e^{i\theta}z$ $\theta\in\Bbb{R}$
Translation $f(z) = z+a$ $a \in \Bbb{C}$

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