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    Oceania's meaning is in the ocean land. The land total area approximately 8.97 million square kilometers, approximately compose the Earth land total area 6%, is in the world a smallest continent.

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    Is located north the Pacific Ocean north west equator in the vast sea area, is situated between Asian, the antarctica and between the north and south Americas, altogether has more than 10,000 sizes different islands. Including Polynesia, Micronesia and beautiful Raney west Asia three big archipelagoes, Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea islands (伊里安岛) and so on.

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    The entire continent surpasses 2,000 meters besides the minority mountainous region elevation, the general elevation below 600 meters, the topography is low and drawn out. West the Australian mainland the plateau, majority of is the desert and half desert; Middle the plain, north the Chinese mugwort you lake 湖面 in the sea level following 16 meters, is Oceania's most low point; Eastern part the mountainous region, Dongpo is steeper, west slope 缓斜. On Papua New Guinea island Zha Yafeng, the elevation 5,029 meters, are Oceania's peaks.
    Oceania's rivers extremely scarce, also short, the water volume are less, the ink tired river is longest and the drainage area biggest rivers. The biggest lake is within the boundaries of Australia's northern Chinese mugwort you the lake, on many islands has by the coral reef surrounds forms 礁湖.

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    South the Oceanian majority of areas occupy, between the Tropic of Cancer. The major part area is the tropics and the subtropics, is the continental climate besides Australia's interior area, other areas are the marine climate.

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    Population 29 million. Approximately composes the world population 0.5%, is besides the antarctica a world population least continent. Entire continent 65% population distribution in Australian mainland. The European descendant approximately composes above 70%.

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    Oceania has 14 independent countries, other several areas for country's and so on America, England and France are. Divides in the geography into Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the beautiful Raney west Asia, Micronesia and the Polynesia six areas.

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