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    It is located northeast the eastern hemisphere, the area 10.16 million square kilometers (including Russia's Asian part), do not approximately compose the world land total area 6.8%, is the world sixth big continent.

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    Is located the eastern hemisphere northeast part, Asia west. North is near Arctic Ocean, west is close to Atlantic, south separates Mediterranean Sea and Africa faces one another, east by the Ural sierra, the Ural river, the caucasus mountains, Bose Prew the Si channel, reaches the Nepali channel and the Asian dividing line, northwest separates the Greenland sea, the Danish channel and North America relative. East to polar Ural sierra, winter solstice Marrow 基角, west to Luo Kajia, north to lake 辰 angle.

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    The continental sea waterfront long 37,900 kilometers, are a world Shanghai waterfront most winding continent. Multi- peninsulas, islands and harbor.
    The European terrain total characteristic is by the plain primarily, the elevation 200 meter below plain approximately composes the entire continent area 60%, the entire continent average elevation 300 meters, are an average elevation lowest continent. South the Alps span, is the European biggest sierra. Southeast area caucasus mountains prominent peak Erb Lu Shishan, the elevation 5,642 meters, are the European high points.
    European network of waterways quite dense, is short but the water volume abundant copious rivers, between many rivers has the canal connection. The lake is multitudinous, is more than an lakelet groups mainland, but distributes very the non-uniformity, mainly distributes in north with the Alps area.

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    The European major part regional climate has the temperate moist characteristic.

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    The population 730 million, approximately composes the world total population 12.4%, is a population density biggest continent. The major part inhabitant is a caucasian.

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    European existing 44 countries and area. Divides into the southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe and the Eastern European five areas in the geography.

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