Zhejiang Province

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    Zhejiang Province is called Zhejiang, is located southeast our country the coast, middle the East China area. Eastern part borders on East China Sea, north the coast from □ calculated slender weapon sea □ winter solstice Qixing Island, the cloth is arranging in order more than 2,100 sizes islands, its south side is Fujian, north depends on Jiangsu, west and Anhui, Jiangxi are the neighbour. Is situated at the east longitude 118°01 ' - 123°08 ', north latitude 27°01 ' - 31°10 '.

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    Southwest the topography high northeast is low, assumes the steps and ladders by the southwest to northeast to drop, the north west is the mountainous region, elevation 1,929 meter Huang Maojian, for this province high point; Middle is the knoll and the basin; Northeastern part topography smooth, soil layer deep, the network of waterways is densely covered, is the main region of no relief, the entire boundary land area approximately is 102,000 square kilometers, mountainous area accounts for 70.4%, the plain 23.2%, rivers and lake 6.4%. Has "seven mountains water two to divide up land" the name. South within the boundaries the main sierra from north to south may divide, north, center three, south by the Zhejiang Fujian border Donggong arteries, extends to northeast for the Nanyandang arteries; North from the Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces border Huaiyu, constitutes Zhejiang to the east the Tanmu mountain arteries, in the hillock sierra; West center from the Zhejiang Fujian border immortal rosy cloud range, delays all day long Taishan, the Siming and the Guiji sierra to northeast, the Tientai sierra is right vanishes to the east is entering the sea place, constitutes the Zhoushan islands.This province coastline winding, the bay is multitudinous, Hangzhou bay is the biggest bay. This province is our country islands most provinces, the broad sea area constitutes the Zhejiang Province sea fishery.

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    This province is situated at the subtropics, is the subtropics moist monsoon climate, the four seasons is distinct. The annual mean temperature 15 - 18 ℃, the yearly average precipitation 1,100 - 1,900 millimeters, season of the summer fall often receive the typhoon influence. The year frost-free period east of south the coast is longest, approximately about 270 days, plain area approximately 230 days. East of precipitation south coast and southwest mountainous area most, its seasonal variation is bigger, from at the beginning of June to beginning of July, common for time January overcast weather.

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    The Zhejiang Province total population 46.47 million, has the Chinese, 畲, is full, returns to and so on the nationality.In 2002 the entire province population birth rate is 9.98 ‰, mortality rate 6.19 ‰, natural rate of growth 3.79 ‰. Until to 2002 year's end, this boundary employment population 28.35 million.

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    This province area more than 100,000 square kilometers, govern 11 places levels city, 30 municipal districts, 22 county level cities, 35 counties, 1 autonomous county, altogether 824 towns, 553 townships (14 ethnic townships), 233 subdistrict offices, provincial capital Hangzhou.

Zhejiang Province politics area chart

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    As early as in the neolites time, our ancestor has moved on this land, when Spring and Autumn Period for country place, when Warring States is Chu country, after Qin unifies, belongs in Guiji, Fujian two county, five generation of time Wu Guoyi the Hangzhou for the country all, the Southern Song Dynasty decides all Hangzhou to rename Linan, the Yuan supposes Zhejiang 行省, clear changes Zhejiang Province. Here also has the world famous river 姆 cultural remains site, Liangzhu Culture and so on.

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    Zhejiang Province agriculture, forest, herd, fishery development balance. The crops by the paddy rice primarily, concurrently have grain crops and so on the wheat, corn, sweet potato. Its industrial crop loud reputation nation and so on cotton, rapeseed, hemp, tea. The aquatic product rich, the fishing for quantity is big. In 2002the agriculture, forestry, grazing and fishing total output value 113.6 billion Yuan, agriculture is 53.2 billion Yuan, the forestry 7.5 billion Yuan, the animal husbandry 20.5 billion Yuan, the fishery 32.5 billion Yuan, the production grain 9.42 million tons, the sugar 1.13 million tons, the aquatic product 4.81 million tons.The industry by the spinning and weaving, the papermaking, the food processing and so on primarily, the coal, the chemical industry, the machinery, the building materials, the electronics industry also has the suitable development.In 2002 entire province realization GDP 767 billion Yuan, grew 12.3% compared to the last year. Primary industry increases the value 68 billion Yuan, grew 3.3% compared to the last year; The second industry increases the value 392.5 billion Yuan, grew 13.3% compared to the last year, industrial production resultant 352.4 billion Yuan, architecture industry 40.1 billion Yuan, production cement 57.43 million tons, steel 2.65 million tons, power rate 77.8 billion kilowatt-hours; The tertiary industry increases the value 306.5 billion Yuan, grew 13.4% compared to the last year between, first, two, three industries the ratio was 8.8:51.2:40.0. The entire province per capital GDP is 16,570 Yuan. Whole year the imports and exports total amounts to 42 billion US dollars, grew 27.9% compared to the last year. Total export 29.4 billion US dollars, grow 28.0%; Import total amount 12.5 billion US dollars, grow 27.7%. In 2002 realizes the fixed asset investment 229.7 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 36 billion Yuan. Agreement use foreign capital 7.21 billion US dollars, grew 0.5% compared to the last year, foreign direct investment project 3,380, contract investment cost 6.7 billion US dollars, the actual investment cost was 3.1 billion US dollars.

    In 2002 the entire province cities inhabitant complete income is 12,682 Yuan, average per person may control receives 11,716 Yuan, actual grew 13.4% compared to the last year, actual disbursement 11,836 Yuan; The countryside inhabitant gross income is 6,152 Yuan, the average per person net income is 4,940 Yuan, the main branch leaves 5,175 Yuan, actually grows 8.4%.

    In 2002 the entire province state-owned and above scale Africa has the industrial enterprise to increase the value is 235.7 billion Yuan, compares in 2001 to grow 19%.


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    The railroad is Zhejiang Province's transportation backbone, the main track line has Shanghai and Hangzhou, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces, Hang Chang, Hang Yong, line and so on Jin Tong. Take Hangzhou as the central road, may understand the major part villages and towns. The shipping is convenient, the inland river shipping take Hangzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing as the center, the Grand Canal, Hang Yong, the canal, and Qiantang River is the main inland river shipping line; Ningbo, Wenzhou are the marine transportation major port. The aviation take Hangzhou as a center, moreover also has Ningbo, Wenzhou, Hwangyen and so on the spatial port, may fly to the national several dozens major and medium cities. In 2002 the entire social passenger transport rate is 1364.63 million people, railroad is 53.61 million people, the road 1.2898 billion people, the water transportation 21.22 million people; Entire social volume of passenger turnover 70.7 billion passenger-kilometer, railroad volume of passenger turnover is 18.1 billion passenger-kilometer, road 51.9 billion passenger-kilometer, water transportation 700 million passenger-kilometer. In 2002 entire social transported goods volume 911.15 million tons, railroad transported goods volume is 30.19 million tons, the road 635.32 million tons, the water transportation 245.64 million tons; The entire social freight transportation turnover quantity is 161.6 billion ton kilometers, railroad 23 billion ton kilometers, road 29.4 billion ton kilometers, water transportation 109.3 billion ton kilometers. 

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    Zhejiang Province scenery elegant, historical site multitudinous, the traveling resources is rich. Hangzhou is our country one of seven big ancient capitals, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Chu chou, near the sea are our country historical city. The within the boundaries mountain is famous by peaks and ridges 迭 Xiu, Yan Dangshan the Tanmu mountain, Moganshan and so on grand are tall and straight, each characteristic, also the peak, the crag, the hole, 嶂, the waterfall, the gorge, the spring, the bridge splendor 映成 interest, is visits antiquities the good destination which, the summer vacation, the traveling rests; The river lake lays out like chess pieces on a board, eight big river systems go through in the brocade peak Xiu range, river water clear blue, smoke wave vast, the Hangzhou Xihu, the Shaoxing East Lake, the Jiaxing Lake Nanhu, the Yin County Dongqian Lake by the reputation for the Zhejiang four given names lakes, the sight fluttering flags is been fascinating. Moreover the Nanxi river, the double dragon, 嵊泗列岛 and so on the scenery scenic spot area as well as fills the fresh rural feeling the warning lake, the Hunan lake and so on all Xiu different 殊绝, too beautiful to behold.In 2002 travels the person to amount to 2.04 million people, foreigner amounts to 1.21 million people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 930 million US dollars.
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