Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

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    The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is called newly, is located our country northwest border area, east, south and Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet are neighboring, northeastern part to north-west and Mongolian, Russian, 哈萨克斯坦, Kyrgyzstan, 塔吉克斯坦, Afghan, Pakistani, the Indian eight countries is the neighbour, is the our country border line longest province.

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    Middle the home court terrain approximately is divided the Altay, the Tianshan mountainous region, Kunlun Mountain and of the Pamirs, accurate Ge you the basin, the Tarim basin and so on several parts, Tianshan spans south, divides into Xinjiang the boundary and the northern border, Karokoram Mountains' tall 戈里 peak elevation 8,611 meters, is the world second peak, Tarim basin between Tianshan and the Kunlun Mountains mountain system is the our country biggest basin, in the basin Takla Makan desert is the our country biggest desert, also is in the world the second big mobile desert, within the boundaries the rivers mostly are an inland river, Tarim River is the our country longest inland river. Xinjiang's geography most quite many, is main as follows:

 The Xinjiang area more than 1.66 million square kilometers, occupy the nation land area 1/6, is the Chinese area biggest provincial capital area.
 The Ruoqiang county is the Chinese area biggest county, amounts to more than 200,000 square kilometers.
 Within the boundaries of the Ruoqiang county Altun nature protection area is the China biggest nature protection area, the area 4.05 million square kilometers.
 Xinjiang and 8 countries border on, the border line long amounts to more than 5,400 kilometers, is the Chinese land boundary line longest provincial capital area.
 Tower 可拉 Masurium does the desert area 337,000 square kilometers, is the Chinese biggest desert, also is the world moving dune proportion biggest desert.
 The Tarim basin is the China biggest inland basin.
 The Turfan basin is China summer the hottest place, Aydingkol Lake is lower than the sea level 154 meters, is the Chinese land lowest place, is the world second lowly.
 The Tarim River span 2,179 kilometers, are the Chinese longest inland rivers.
 Ertix River is China only flows in Arctic Ocean the rivers.
 Bose leaps the lake is the Chinese biggest interior fresh water lake.
 Xinjiang "the ridge well" is China is longest (total 5,000 kilometers) the underground irrigation system.
 Kashi's Ai Tiga you the mosque is the Chinese biggest mosque.
 Xinjiang is our country biggest cotton production area, also is the Chinese long-staple cotton only habitat.

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    Xinjiang take Tianshan as, may divide into the northern border and south the boundary two parts. The northern border is the temperate zone continental arid half dry climate, south the boundary is the warm temperate zone continental dry climate, the temperature change fierce, sunshine sufficient, the precipitation are few, 空气干燥, northern border annual mean temperature -4 ℃ - 9 ℃, south boundary 7 ℃ - 14 ℃, about northern border annual mean precipitation 150 millimeters, south boundary 25 - 100 millimeters. Whole year frost-free period generally in 180 - 220 days. The Turpan area is the nation summer the burning hottest place, usually has "the fire continent" the name.

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    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region total population 19.05 million. Has Uygur, the Chinese, Khazak, returns to, Mongolia, Kirgiz, the Siberia, Tadjik, Uzbek, is full, reaches mediates you, nationality and so on Russia. Until to 2002 year's end, the local population increased 290000 compared to the last year, cities increased 115100, the rural population increase 174900. Whole year the baby birth rate is 16.30 ‰, mortality rate 5.43 ‰, natural rate of growth 10.87 ‰. In 2002 the local employment personnel reaches 7010000.

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    TheXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region area more than 1.6 million square kilometers, govern 7 local, 5 autonomous prefectures, 2 places levels cities, 11 municipal districts, 17 county level cities, 62 counties, 6 autonomous counties. Altogether includes 230 towns, 589 townships, 43 ethnic townships, 38 subdistrict offices. The capital is Urumqi.

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region politics area chart

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    Xinjiang, the ancient name western region, was a Chinese inalienable part since old times. 60 B.C., the Western Han Dynasty central political power sets up the western region all to protect the government office, Xinjiang officially becomes the Chinese territory a part. In 1884 the Qing government supposed the province in Xinjiang. In 1949 the Xinjiang peaceful liberation, on 1955 October 1 established the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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    The agricultural owner produces the wheat, the corn and the paddy rice, the cotton is the most main industrial crop, in domestic holds the important status, the animal husbandry domestic animal has the cow, the horse, the sheep, the camel and so on, Iraqi pear horse, the fine-wool sheep are extremely famous. Xinjiang has "township of" the fruits and melons laudatory name, the grape, the Hami melon, the watermelon, the fig, the fragrant pear, the almond tree, the pellicle walnut and so on enjoys the high reputation. The home court minerals are rich, natural gas mining, the processing industry into formidable leadership industry, the spinning and weaving, food, the building materials industry have the certain scale.

    In 2002 the entire boundary realization GDP amounts to 159.8 billion Yuan, grew about 8.1% compared to the last year. The primary industry GDP 30.5 billion Yuan, the total agricultural output value 36.3 billion Yuan, produce the grain 8.36 million tons, the cotton 1.74 million tons, the fuel oils 440,000 tons, the sugar 4.67 million tons, the fruit 1.98 million tons, the meats 1 million tons, the milk class 1.01 million tons. Second industry GDP 67.2 billion Yuan, industry 47.3 billion Yuan, architecture industry 19.9 billion Yuan. The tertiary industry GDP 62.1 billion Yuan, the transportation stored in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications to correspond 13.3 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 14 billion Yuan, GDP grows 8.1% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP amounted to 8,365 Yuan. In 2002 this local renewal transformation investment cost is 11 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant completely receives 7,453 Yuan, average per person may control the income approximately 6,900 Yuan, the actual disbursement 7,160 Yuan, the expense disburses 5,636 Yuan, the non- expense disburses 1,524 Yuan, the Engel coefficient is 33.9%. The local fixed asset investment cost is 70 billion Yuan.

    Year's end in the hillock staff 2.406 million people, dropped 2.6% compared to the last year, state-owned enterprise unit 1.9031 million people, drop 3.6%; The collective unit 99,400 people, drop 14.7%, other unit 403,500 people, grow 6.7%. According to the labor department statistics, year's end the state-owned enterprise unemployed 78,400 people, the unemployed again gets employed the population 32,200 people. Year's end really has the registration unemployment 126,800 people, the cities registration unemployment rate is 3.7%. Whole year realizes the employment and gets employed the person to amount to again 322,800 people, state-owned unit places 29,900 people, the cities collective unit places 54,700 people, operates privately, individual and the three investments enterprise places personnel 150100, other units place 88,100 people.


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    The transportation take the road primarily, by Urumqi as a center, has links up various oases 环行线and blue new, blue is new, province border line and so on Xinjiang and Tibet, the railroad has Lanchow Sinkiang line, south the boundary line, the northern border line and so on, the aviation take Urumqi as the center, passable toward area in and domestic and foreign more than 40 cities, moreover Korla, Karamay, 阿勒泰, Chuguchak, Bole, the Kulja, Aqsu, Kashi, and the field, also places such as end, Shihezi all have the civilian airliner take off and landing.

    In 2002 the entire social passenger transport rate is more than 17,300 people, the volume of passenger turnover is 23.1 billion passenger-kilometer, whole year the transported goods volume more than 22,400 tons, the freight transportation turnover measures 55.6 billion ton kilometers, railroad aspect passenger transport rate 9.19 million people, the transported goods volume 39.56 million tons, volume of passenger turnover 8.8 billion passenger-kilometer, the freight transportation turnover measures 34.1 billion ton kilometers, the road passenger transport rate 164.21 million people, the transported goods volume 184.51 million tons, volume of passenger turnover 14.3 billion passenger-kilometer, the freight transportation turnover measures 21.6 billion ton kilometers.

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    Within the boundaries of Xinjiang natural landscape strange grand, the desert is vast, rivers vertically and horizontally, national custom, appeal abundant, has national level scenery scenic spot area 1, provincial level scenery scenic spot area 27, nature protection area 16, and has 11 mountain peaks to foreign countries opening up, 7 - September are the best tourist seasons. The main scenic site Tianshan day pond scenery scenic spot area, Turfan's Su Gongta and the grape ditch scenery, the ridge well, the flame mountain, the Kezier Thousand Buddhas Cave, Lop Nor, the Kashi scenic spot, Urumqi's warning lake, the levigation ditch, the swallow nest and so on extremely are all famous. The Uygur national minority classical divertimento "12 Wooden Kamm" the dance unifies, continuously sings needs for 20 hours, the festival celebrates often holds on the one hand the song on the other hand to dance "west the wheat to be hot 甫", "the match is 姆" the dance, jumps step washes one's hands of, revolves rapidly. The Kazakh national minority most likes "阿肯 plays an instrument and sings", is called 阿肯 the folk poet may 即景生情, has a ready pen. The Tadjik race herdsmen friendly blow Qin "the hawk flute", as soon as sings hundred and, bold is melodious. The commonly used national musical instrument including is alone its you, the hand drum, the hot tile 甫 and so on. "Ah Fan-ti's Story", "Mullah Then Ding's Story" and so on widely spreads.
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