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    Tianjin, is called Tianjin, is our country one of four big municipalities. Is located northeast the Huabei Pingyuan, southeast Beijing, Haihe river five big branches of intersection. East neighbour Bohai Sea, north according to Mt. yanshan and Hebei Province, Beijing borders on. Is situated at the east longitude 116°42 ' - 118°03 ', north latitude 38°33 ' - 40°15 '. The entire boundary thing extends 117 kilometers, the north and south long 189 kilometers.

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    The Tianjin area by 太古界, 元古界, the paleozoic group, mesozoic and the newly emerging group stratum is composed. In our country geologic structure system, is in Mt. yanshan connects with the spot to the structural system and the new China structural system. North the topography Gao Nadi, northwest high southeast is low. The terrain divides into the mountainous region and the plain two kind of types. North is the mountainous region, is south Mt. yanshan the foothill. North the building mountain is within the boundaries the peak, the elevation 1,079 meters. Within the boundaries river system developed, the network of waterways is densely covered. Haihe river is within the boundaries is biggest, the most important rivers, pours into Bohai Sea. Has its branch Daqing River, Ziya River in addition, south the canal, Yongding river, north rivers and so on canal.

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    Tianjin is situated at the middle latitude Eurasia east bank, the four seasons is distinct, is the warm temperate zone half moist continental monsoon climate. Monsoon climate remarkable, was mad the temperature difference is bigger, summer the burning hot multi- rain, blow the southeaster; Winter cold arid, blows the leaning north wind, the Spring and Autumn Period two seasons is short. The annual mean temperature 12 ℃ about, the annual mean precipitation is 550 - 650 millimeters.

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    Tianjin total population 10.07 million. The nationality by the Han Nationality primarily, the national minority mainly has: Returns to, is full, nationality and so on Mongolia, North Korea. In 2002 the population birth rate is 7.49 ‰, the mortality rate 6.04 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 1.45 ‰. Until reaches 4030000 to 2002 year's end this city altogether employment personnel.

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    The Tianjin area more than 11,000 square kilometers, govern 15 municipal districts and Ji Xian, Jinghai, Ninghe 3 counties. Altogether 120 towns, 20 townships (2 ethnic townships), 99 subdistrict offices.

    The down white wax is the Tianjin city tree, the rosa indica is this city city flower, is symbolizing peace, the friendly affection and the prosperity, deeply Tianjin people's affection. Tianjin is everflowering rose's hometown. Decided as in 1984 the rosa indica this city city flower. Has conducted the first session everflowering rose festival from May 26, 1991 to June 9, determined "peace, the friendship, the prosperity, the development" took the first session everflowering rose festival the subject, attracts the multitudinous Tianjin residents to go to watch the tour.

Tianjin municipal administration area chart

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    Tianjin Jin Chengzhi buys, for 漕运 important place, Yuan Shehai the Tianjin town, is the military strategic place and 漕粮 the transportation center. Ming Chuqu meaning of beginning the emperor ferry crossing called Tianjin and supposes the health. Clear for Tianjin 府治, in 1928 the beginning supposed Tianjin. Hereafter has been through repeatedly many times the administrative area change, after 1973 forms the nowadays the area of jurisdiction scope and the area county is organic.

    Historical personage: Of - Liu Qingyang, volunteer troops level of fights heroes Yang Liandi, original State Council advisor Han Quanhua, original Kuomintang seventh army group commander Huang Botao early time student movement and of women's movement leaders and so on for Tianjin people.

    Historical event: November, 1931 "the Tianjin event", in April, 1939 "the Tianjin foreign settlement event", in July, 1983 was completed "directs Luan to enter the Tianjin project" and so on, occurred in this within the boundaries.

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    This city suburb grain crops and so on planter wheat, rice; The industrial crop has the cotton and the vegetables, the minor stop rice is extremely famous. Tianjin is north part of our country the biggest industrial base. Local has Tangku, 大沽, the Chinese buys and so on the saltern and the famous big port oil field. Its history glorious, the industry class is complete, mainly has the metallurgy, the electronic building materials, petroleum mining, the electric power, the automobile, the machinery, the measuring appliance, the petroleum chemical industry, the sea chemical industry, the medicine, the chemical fertilizer, lightly spins and so on the industry. The mineral resource resources mainly has the manganese, the tungsten, the copper, the gold, the limestone, the barite, the natural gas, the petroleum and so on.

    In 2002 the whole city realization GDP 202.3 billion Yuan, grew 12.5% compared to the last year. Completes the primary industry GDP 8.4 billion Yuan, the second industrial country 97.9 billion Yuan, realize the industrial production resultant 88.6 billion Yuan, the architecture industry more than 9.3 billion Yuan. Completes the tertiary industry domestic output 96 billion Yuan, realization transportation stores in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry total amount is 23 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 19.5 billion Yuan, the realization per capital GDP 22,068 Yuan. Completes the fixed asset investment 70.4 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 16.6 billion Yuan. Realizes the fixed financial revenue 17.2 billion Yuan, fixed expenditure 26.5 billion Yuan. In 2002 the customs total amount of import-export trade amounts to 22.8 billion US dollars (according to the within the boundaries destination and source of goods minute), foreign investment enterprise import-export goods total amount more than 18.3 billion US dollars, the export amount approximately is 9.1 billion US dollars, the import amount is more than 920,000 US dollars.


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    Tianjin is north part of our country economic center, the capital Beijing's gateway, the coastal to foreign countries opening up international port city. Within the boundaries the transportation extremely facilitates. Beijing Kazak, Beijing to Shanghai two big main railroads skeleton line after this city, moreover also has the Tianjin setose thistle, Qin Empire, Beijing lump and so on the track line, composes this city railway network together. In 1952 completed the Tianjin xingang was north part of our country the most important foreign trade artificial port, might simultaneously anchor the 10,000-ton ship ship, the year volume of goods handled quite is big. Inland river shipping by Haihe river primarily. In 2002 the harbor cargo volume of goods handled is 129.06 million tons. The highway traffic extremely is also developed, all levels of paths criss-crossed network, interconnection, extends in all directions, the aviation aspect has leads to the domestic and foreign more than 30 cities the route.

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    Tianjin by its glorious history, the male beautiful nature sight and the varied and colourful folk custom product becomes the fire imagination traveling happiest extent. The winding around a mountain scenery scenic spot area prominent peak by the reputation is "the Jingdong first mountain" is our country one of 15 Mingshan, 雄俊 in the elegant area the scenic spot is multitudinous, too beautiful to behold; Moreover after also has the aquatic park, the day the palace, the Islamic big temple, the Ji Xian top temple, Huang Yaguan the Great Wall, 大沽 the mouth artillery, the Tianjin temple of Confucian learning, Tianjin xingang, the Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion and so on very is all famous. In 2002 travels the person to amount to 506,000 /, foreigner 453,000 people, realization traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 340 million US dollars.

    Tianjin tradition flavor food many and varied. Has the operation highly skilled, the flavor is mellow, deeply the dog which commended for the general populations and the foreign guest pays no attention to the steamed stuffed bun, 18 streets 麻花 and the ear eye fried cake. Gathers calls "Jinmen three certainly".
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