Liaoning Province

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    Liaoning Province is called distantly, is located our country northeast three provinces most 南端. South neighbour Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, the southeast separates the Yalu River and the North Korean republic faces one another, west borders on with Hebei Province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northeast and Jilin Province border on. Is situated at the east longitude 118°53 ' - 125°46 ', north latitude 38°43 ' - 43°26 ' between.

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    This province terrain is complex, west is the mountainous region, middle is the plain, eastern part is the Liaodong Peninsula. West mountainous region including Wu Lvshan vertical stroke Lu Hushan and so on, moreover also has the Liaoxi knoll. Middle is the liaohe plain, is a northeast plain part. In the eastern part Liaodong Peninsula mainly is the Liaodong knoll and the Changbaishang mountain arteries continues the part and other arteries Qian mountain's south. The Liaohe River is this province most greatly most main rivers. In addition also has Hunhe River, Taizi river, the Yalu River, Linhe, Fuzhou River and so on.

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    Liaoning belongs to the temperate zone - warm temperate zone, the moist - half moist monsoon climate. Winter long cold, summer short burning hot, the few rain multi- winds, the autumn short is spring sunny. Annual mean temperature approximately in 4 ℃ - 10 ℃ between; The precipitation mainly concentrates in May - in September, to northwest presents by the southeast reduces the tendency, the annual mean precipitation between 400 - 1,200 millimeters.

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    Liaoning Province total population 42.03 million. Is the province which lives together by the Han Nationality primarily multi- nationalities. The national minority mainly has fully, returns to, North Korea, Mongolia, the Siberia and so on. Localin 2002 the population birth rate is 7.38 ‰, the mortality rate 6.04 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 1.34 ‰. Until locally gets employed the person to 2002 year's end to amount to 18420000.

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    The Liaoning Province area more than 150,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 14 places levels city, 56 municipal districts, 17 county level cities, 19 counties, 8 autonomous counties, altogether 615 towns, 380 townships (78 ethnic townships), 558 subdistrict offices. The provincial capital is Shenyang.

Liaoning Province politics area chart

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    The Liaoning history is glorious, as early as in three, 400,000 years ago, then has the ancient humanity to live the multiplication in the Liaohe River basin. Area the Spring and Autumn Period time Jinzhou is equipped with the feudal lord small country slaughter river; When Warring States Liaoning Province is the swallow country, Qin sets at county and so on Liaodong, Liaoxi, the Chinese is You state, is distant, east the metal, on and center Beijing, the Yuan sets at Liaoyang 行省, clear initially set at abundant Beijing, the end of the Qing changes the Fengtian province, Republic of China changes Liaoning Province.After the Opium War, Liaoning becomes imperialism plundering the object. In July, 1894 the Japanese imperialism started to invade North Korean and China's war - armor noon the Chinese and Japanese war. In 1895, the Qing government was compelled to evaluate "the Treaty of Shimonoseki", the Liaodong Peninsula cession will give Japan. 1,896 and in 1898, also was compelled with Russia to evaluate "China and Russia 密约" and "Lyuda Tenant Treaty", from this time on czarist government's aggression influence entered Liaoning. In 1906 Japan supposed "south the full railroad joint-stock company" in Liaoning and "the Guandong commanding officer government office", the aggression influence was further thorough, until 1931 "9.18" the emergency, Liaoning completely fell to the enemy for the Japanese imperialism colony.

    The Liaoning Province people formed "the against Japan township group" in 1894 Liaoyang area youth and 1900 "the Boxers" the movement, does not have the fear violent heroic resistance external aggression honorable revolutionary tradition. In July, 1929 - March, 1930, Comrade Liu Shaoqi (Liaoning) managed the Communist Party of China Manchu provincial party committee in Fengtian the work, restored and grew strong party's organization, caused the northeast area people's revolution to struggle and to oppose imperialism the patriotic movement to obtain the rapid development. In under Communist Party of China's leadership, the Liaoning people positively participate in the opposition to Japan war of national liberation, has established the famous against Japan allied armies. 1945 year's ends to having won the Sino-Japanese War victory. After that, also passed through three year People's War of Liberation, hit has stepped the Sino-Japanese War Kuomintang reactionaries. In November, 1948 Liaoning entire boundary liberation.

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    This province crops by grain crops and so on corn, sorghum, soybean, peanut, paddy rice primarily; The industrial crop mainly has the cotton, the tobacco, the vegetables, the oil-bearing grops and so on. The mountainous region rough terrain multi- planters fruit tree, is most famous by the apple. In 2002 the entire province produces the grain 15.1 million tons, the fruit 2.34 million tons. The industry by profession and so on steel and iron, coal, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, cement, electric power is most developed. The gross value of industrial output is 233.1 billion Yuan, the raw coal output 51.81 million tons, the steel and iron 19.43 million tons, the cement 21.46 million tons.The underground mineral resource resources is rich, mainly has the iron, the manganese, the petroleum, the natural gas, the diamond, the jade and so on ten kinds. In 2002 local completesthe GDP 545.8 billion Yuan, grew10.2% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP was 13,000 Yuan. Realizes the fixed asset investment 131.6 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 36.5 billion Yuan. Foreign investment enterprise import-export goods total amount 1.347 million US dollars. Export amount is 7.2 billion US dollars, import amount 6.27 billion US dollars.


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    Liaoning transportation developed, the infrastructure is perfect. Railway network crowded, the railroad transport business course is long, the main track line has the Beijing Kazak, Shen Ji, Shen Dan, line and so on Shen Da. The road take Shenyang, the Jinzhou as a center, realized the major part villages and towns to pass the road. The inland river shipping mainly is the Liaohe River, the Yalu River partial sections of river may the seasonal characteristic be open to navigation. Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea coast Dalian, Dandong, the Yingkou are the important marine transportation harbor. The aviation take Shenyang and Dalian as a center, may lead to the national more than 50 cities.

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    The complex terrain entrusted with Liaoning the multi- colors natural landscape, the mountain, the plain, the seashore has enhanced one another's beauty, was the traveling searches the wonderful good destination; The ancient culture, the glorious history enable Liaoning to have the multitudinous cultural relic historical site. The famous scenic site has the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Beiling, Dongling, the Dalian seashore, thousand islands scenic spots, the Benxi water-dunnel and so on.Within the boundaries 2002 goes to travel 929,000 people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 550 million US dollars.
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