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    The total area approximately 14 million square kilometers, occupy fifth in seven big continents. Antarctica area 12.39 million square kilometers.

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    Is located on the most south of Earth , the land nearly all in the antarctic circle, all around is close to the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Atlantic. Is in the world a geographic latitude highest continent.

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    Will cross the south pole the sierra the Antarctica to divide into two parts. Between the thing two parts has a settlement region, continuously extends from the Ross sea to the prestige 德尔 sea. The antarctica mainland average elevation 2,350 meters, are the highest continents. Peak Mary 伯德 place article Samson elevation 5,140 meters. The mainland nearly completely is covered by the snow and ice, the ice layer average thickness 1,880 meters, thick amount to above 4,000 meters. Around on the mainland sea has many big ices to bond with the iceberg. Entire continent only 2% land non- elder snow and ice cover.

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    The climate characteristic is bitter cold, the wind big and is dry. For world coldest land. Is in the world the wind power is strongest and most winds area. Nearby the extreme nearly does not have the precipitation, the air is extremely dry, has "name of the white wilderness".
    Each year there are two seasons: cold and warm. April to October is the cold season, from November to the next year March will be warm season. Nearby the extreme the cold season is a dark night, by now often appeared the brilliant aurora nearby the antarctic circle; warm reason then is opposite, is the continual daytime, the sun always inclines the illumination.

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    There is indefinite resident. Only has some to come and catches the whale personnel from other big continents science inspections.

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    Non- political area. Only has the various countries' science inspection to stand

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