Male reproductive system each part of functions

Testicle: The main function is produces the spermatozoon and the secretion masculine hormone (睾 alkone). Former with the ova union but the fertilization, reproduces descendant's important material base, latter is maintains the male second 性征 (vice- 性征) the important matter. The testicle is located in the abdominal cavity in the embryo early time, accurately is located 腹股沟管the inner rim place, later gradually will drop, to 7th month, the testicle fast through 腹股沟管will fall to the cloudy steamed bread in, testicle above spot then 闭锁. The testicle in the drop to in the scrotum process, may have each kind of unusual situation, like 鞘膜 suddenly not 闭锁 or 闭锁 incompletely, then has 鞘膜 the ponding, the fine rope cyst, 疝 and so on; If the testicle drops incompletely stops in the abdominal cavity or 腹股沟管center, is called the "testicle to drop not entire", or calls "隐睾"; If testicle when drop has not displaced to the scrotum to the perineum, the penis root, stock and so on place, is called "testicle disposition". The testicle position is not normal, then the influence spermatozoon's production and the growth nature and the quantity, are disadvantageous to the birth.

附睾: The main function is promotes the spermatozoon growth and is mature, as well as stores with the transportation spermatozoon. Spermatozoon from testicle 曲细精管production, but lacks the energy, does not have the birth ability, but also needs to continue to grow down to is mature, this stage mainly in 附睾 in carries on. 附睾 secretes one kind of direct nurture spermatozoon mature liquid, is called 附睾 the fluid, its liquid potassium high, the glycerophosphoric acid gallbladder salinity, the sugar glucoside enzyme density high, the sour alkalinity low, the osmotic pressure high, the oxygen few, the carbon dioxide is high. Generally speaking, 附睾 the storing approximately 70% spermatozoon (2% storing in vas deferens) 5 ~ 25 days, the average 12 days, must be all longer than in the masculine reproductive organ other spots time. 附睾 center spermatozoon when sexual intercourse, through 附睾管, the vas deferens, discharges in vitro after 射精管and the urethra. Spermatozoon in 附睾管if long-term under discharges, then partially decomposes the absorption, partially gradually enters the urethra to discharge along with the urine, therefore in time grown-up man's urine inspection, occasionally may discover the spermatozoon. When 附睾 has the inflammation or other diseases, may affect the spermatozoon mature degree but to be disadvantageous to the birth.

Vas deferens: Has very strongly wriggles the ability, is because the pipe wall muscle is very thick, the main function is the transportation and the excretion spermatozoon. When 射精, the sympathetic nerve 悄 release massive kind of adrenalins matter, has not caused the vas deferens to have mutually coordinated and the powerful contraction, rapidly loses the spermatozoon toward fine 呶 排泄管, 射精管and the urethra in. When the vas deferens occur the inflammation or stops up, the spermatozoon cannot discharge creates the masculine sterility, same principle, when masculine birth control, also feasible ties up the vas deferens technique.

精囊: The main function secretes one kind of mucilage, also does not produce the spermatozoon, also does not store the spermatozoon. 精囊 the secretion as soon as contains mucilage, phosphoric acid gallbladder salt, globulin, citric acid and glucoside sugar and so on alkalinity the glue water, mainly is the lemon rafter acid (125mg/100ml) and the glucoside sugar (315mg/100ml), they are the seminal fluid main constituent (approximately compose 50% ~ 80%), 射精 when discharges afterwards in the prostate gland fluid, the glucoside sugar after 射精 provided fine active the primary energy; 精囊 the secretion two contains the coagulation enzyme, the main function is after the seminal fluid injects the feminine vagina, may urge the seminal fluid to maintain the short coagulation in the vagina, prevented flows out from the vagina, the increase becomes pregnant the opportunity. When the sentiment pouch occurs the inflammation or the health is not good, then affects 精囊 the secretion function, the glucoside sugar content reduces, weakens the spermatozoon moving force. Even causes the spermatozoon death, but creates the masculine sterility.

Fine rope: The main function is the testicle and 附睾 the suspension in the scrotum, protects the testicle and 附睾 does not receive damages, simultaneously contracts along with the temperature change or relaxes, causes the testicle to adapt the external environment, the optimum condition which the maintenance spermatozoon produces enable the testicle to have moves not at will (raises myo- 睾). When the flesh wound or the infection causes the fine rope pathological change, may destroy the testicle and 附睾 the blood supply particularity, but affects the testicle and 附睾 function; When the fine rope 淋巴管occurs stops up, also may create the testicle and 附睾 the function decrease; When fine rope varicosity, in the fine rope vein the blood stasis stagnates, then affects the testicle partial blood circulation, causes in the testicle the blood oxygen to reduce, the sour alkalinity change, creates the abnormal spermatozoon to increase, the spermatozoon quantity drops, a spermatozoon activity decrease and so on, therefore said, the fine rope is testicle "lifeline".

射精管: The main function is 射精, 射精 the pipe wall muscle richer, has the powerful shrinkage force, helps the seminal fluid to project, simultaneously when the fine tube is located urethra steep position active on the aperture, both small and is narrow. Guaranteed 射精 the time should have the pressure, another 1. aspects seminal fluid through the narrow and small aperture, some one kind of "squeezes out the" feeling as if, through the nerve reflection, initiates 射精 the joyful pleasant sensation, thus achieving high tide time.

Prostate gland:The main function secretes the prostate gland fluid, also is one of seminal fluid components (approximately composes seminal fluid 13 ~ 32%), expands increased seminal fluid, is advantageous to spermatozoon's projecting, the prostate gland fluid projects in 精囊 the fluid. The prostate gland fluid for the cream color coherent liquid, assumes the alkalinity, each H/# t4 approximately 0.: ~ 2. O milliliter, includes more sodium, the potassium, the calcium ion compared to the blood, as well as massive positive ion and so on zinc, magnesium, the earthen mound, outside also includes the chlorine, the supercarbonate, the phosphate, arrests anion and so on rafter sour salt, amino acid, Chen, border, provides the spermatozoon the activity the energy; The first evil 1 gland fluid also includes the acidic phosphorus enzyme, maintains the male: ; Two cards growth and are mature; The prostate gland fluid also includes the massive protein decomposition enzyme, if the fibrinolysis enzyme and the hyaluronidase, cause the seminal fluid to liquefy, promotion spermatozoon in seminal fluid free activity, and can dissolve 子宫颈管the inside the mouth mucilage hitch and ova's transparent belt, the promotion spermatozoon and ova's union but the fertilization; The prostate gland leaning alkalinity, can hit and in the feminine vagina acidic secretion, has with) survives to the spermatozoon in the vagina. First evil ] in the gland liquefied factor is completely opposite with 精囊 the fluid in coagulation factor function, after first coagulates liquefies, organically gathers, is helpful to the birth performance consummation. Prostate gland 1 is stirred up natural Cambodia when may contract, opens the prostate gland fluid: Enters the urethra. When the prostate gland has the inflammation or other diseases, then the influence prostate gland fluid secretion and the excretion, is disadvantageous to the fertilization, Cowper's gland: The main function secretion few assumes transparently slightly brings the iron grey one kind of mucinum mucilage, also is the seminal fluid constituent. The Cowper's gland widely distributes in the entire urethra, when the penis erects, the Cowper's gland receives extrudes, the secretion few transparent mucilage, the full cloth urethra mucous membrane surface, gets up the lubrication, is advantageous to seminal fluid discharging.

Urethra: The main function is drains the urine and the seminal fluid, is the urine and the seminal fluid common channel. Has a pair of Cowper's gland nearby 尿道球, the secretion few liquids, also is the seminal fluid constituent, simultaneously, carries on the sexual intercourse when the penis erection first flows out the urine road junction, lubricates the penis forehead, is advantageous to the penis insertion vagina.
Scrotum:The main function is the attemperation, maintains the testicle to be in the constant temperature environment (about 35). The scrotum skin thin and is soft. Includes the rich sweat gland and the sebaceous glands, when cold, the scrotum contraction causes on the testicle to raise approaches the abdomen, enhances the temperature with the aid of the bodily quantity of heat, when is burning hot, the scrotum relaxes causes the testicle to drop, pulls long and the abdomen distance, simultaneously secretes the sweat favor in the scrotum the quantity of heat to disappear, causes the testicle temperature drop. The testicle produces the spermatozoon and the spermatozoon in the mature process, needs to carry on in 35 about temperature environment, the human body body temperature is about 37.2, when scrotum contraction keeps warm, relaxes when decreases temperature, therefore may say, the scrotum is testicle "thermostat". When the scrotum appears the problem, the constant temperature environment receives the destruction, then the disadvantageous spermatozoon's production and the growth, affects the spermatozoon the quality.

Penis: The main function is urinates, a row of seminal fluid and carries on the sexual intercourse, is the sex act main organ, the penis skin is extremely thin, under the skin does not have the fat, has the activity and extends the nature, the penis sponge body 血窦 may attach into the blood, when asexual impulse, penis soft, ties stirs up the penis sponge body when the nature 血窦 in the blood to increase, the penis expands, increases thickly changes hardly erects, when flows in blood and backflow blood isochronism, then the penis continues to erect; Penis forehead nerve not slightly rich, sex appeal greatly strengthened, reaches high tide when the sexual intercourse, is highly excited as a result of 射精 the main center but; Gets up 射精. Ties in the nature stirs up the penis not to be able to erect or erection degree of hardness insufficient, then is unable to carry on the sexual intercourse activity, is called "sexual impotence", the penis erection exceptionally or the penis abnormal may cause the sexual intercourse to be difficult.