Male reproductive system composition

The men and women reproductive organ all may divide into two kinds: A kind is a germ cells, a kind attaches the reproductive organ. In the men and women reproductive organ germ cells all has the dual mission, one is produces the spermatozoon or the ova; Two, secretion sex hormone. The sex hormone is helpful to attaching the reproductive organ the growth and the growth. Attaches the reproductive organ the function is participation completes the sex act and completes the new life the formation and breeding.

In the male reproductive system also may meet, the external genital organs classifies, like this introduces more convenient. External genital organs official including penis and scrotum. In reproductive organ including testicle, vas deferens and attached gland.

The testicle is masculine 生殖腺, is shouldering the production spermatozoon and the secretion male hormone twofold task. Vas deferens includes 附睾, the vas deferens, the body fine tube and the urethra and so on. 附睾 has the storage spermatozoon and causes the spermatozoon finally completely mature function. The vas deferens are 附睾管continuing, is undertaking the transportation and the storage spermatozoon's function. When 射精, the spermatozoon after above pipeline, then passes through the urethra finally to discharge in vitro. Attached gland including 精囊腺, nearby prostate gland, Cowper's gland and urethra gland. But do not despise these supporting roles' functions, the seminal fluid liquid ingredient majority of comes from them, in which contains provides for the spermatozoon the massive nutritions ingredient, has lacked them, the spermatozoon can lose the vigor and the fertilization ability. From the testicle to the vas deferens this section as well as the attached gland all is two sides symmetrical. Related various question and so on reproductive organs structure and function will introduce in behind.