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The second section
skeletal muscle

First, outline

Kinematic scheme's muscle is a skeletal muscle, each muscle may regard as an organ.

(one) myo- classification

1. acts according to the myo- position

Divides into a muscle, the torso muscle, the four limbs muscle and so on.

2. acts according to the myo- function

Outside divides into the flexor, the extensor, in the adductor, the abductor, to turn on lathe myo-, turns on lathe the muscle and so on.

3. acts according to the myo- contour

Divides into long myo-, short myo-, flat myo- and the round circle muscle and so on.

(two) myo- fundamental construction 

Each muscle constitutes by the venter musculi and tendon two. The venter musculi constitutes by the muscle fiber, has the contraction function. The tendon contracts the organization by the compact knot to constitute, the platysma tendon calls the aponeurosis.

(three) myo- auxiliary structure

1. fascia

Also divides the shallow fascia and the deep fascia.

1) shallow fascia: Located at hypodermic, contracts the organization by the loose knot to constitute, also calls the hypodermic fascia.

2) deep fascia: Located at the shallow fascia deep surface, contracts the organization by the compact knot to constitute.

2. synovial membrane pouch

Located at the tendon and the bone surface contact place, are one airtight, the knot contract the organization flat pouch, the content synovial fluid.

3. tendon sheath

Bao Yuchang outside the tendon, is a mutually continual double-decked sheath shape structure, the content synovial fluid.

Myo- classified structure auxiliary structure

Length flat myo- wheel circle muscle    The venter musculi tendon two rely on one another

Fascia tendon sheath synovial membrane pouch    Auxiliary reduced friction force


Second, muscle

A muscle divides into the surface muscle and the musculi masticatorii.

(one) surface muscle 

Also calls the expression muscle, mainly has the pillow musculus frontalis, the eye wheel circle muscle and the mouth wheel circle muscle and so on.

(two) musculi masticatorii

Provides around nie the lower jaw joint, mainly has the musculus masseter, nie the muscle and so on.